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7 Things Everyone Should Know About The Elimination Diet + How It Can Help You Heal

This protocol helped me uncover hidden food intolerances, overcome chronic fatigue, heal my gut, and improve my digestive and skin problems. But in my...

How To Have A Social Life When You're Avoiding Sugar, Gluten, Alcohol, Caffeine, Dairy (You Get The Idea)

How to nurture your social life when you're on a strict elimination diet, including calling restaurants ahead and giving mocktails a chance.

Marisel Salazar
November 10 2018

5 Ways An Elimination Diet Can Heal Your Gut

Your gut is the very foundation to health. So how do you keep it happy? In functional medicine, the most effective and affordable way to start the...

What To Eat On An Elimination Diet (Infographic)

Elimination diets sound scarier than they are. What makes them even more confusing is the fact that health experts and lifestyle gurus disagree on...

I Did An Elimination Diet To Heal My Skin. Here's What It Was REALLY Like

Can an elimination diet heal your skin? These are the benefits one woman got from eliminating dairy, gluten, and other common inflammatory foods.

Marisel Salazar
October 27 2018

10 Compelling Reasons To Try An Elimination Diet

In all my years as a functional medicine practitioner, I've never seen anything do as much for people's health as the elimination diet. From healing...

The Elimination Diet I Recommend For Optimal Health

In functional medicine, the elimination diet is seen as the gold standard for uncovering hidden food intolerances, healing the gut, bringing...

How An Elimination Diet Boosted My Energy & Cleared My Skin

As a functional medicine practitioner, I see people on a daily basis who are kept from living the life they want because of health problems. But I...

What Eating On An Elimination Diet Actually Looks Like

One of the biggest misconceptions of the elimination diet is that you have to trade taste for nutrition. The truth is you can both—and you don't have...

The Ideal Diet For Every Type Of Health Woe

"The 'best' eating plans are those that don't include processed carbs or sugar."

Wendie Trubow, M.D., MBA
October 16 2017

Everything You Need To Know To Begin An Elimination Diet

Do you struggle with unexplained symptoms such as bloating, brain fog, weight gain, headaches, or fatigue? Here’s a super simple way to determine if...

3 Types Of Gluten-Free

Even though the phrase "gluten-free" is everywhere, some doctors still don't test for a predisposition to Celiac unless the patient requests a blood...

Celia Kaye
January 12 2013

My 35-Pound Weight-Loss Journey Had Absolutely Nothing To Do With Calories

The elimination diet. Your most powerful weight-loss tool?

April Workman
January 3 2017

11 Great Reasons To Eat Less Meat (Even If You're Not Ready To Go Vegan)

Whether you’re thinking of going vegan, vegetarian or just cutting down your meat intake, there are plenty of great reasons to reduce your...

Assya Barrette
August 9 2015