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Why My Husband Told Me To Stop Wearing Sweatpants

I will never forget the day when my husband sat me down for my intervention. He chose his words very carefully. He looked me in the eyes and said,...

Selina Almodovar
May 17 2014

How To Let Go Of Recipes & Become A Better Cook

Along with the cat pictures and the porn, the internet is stuffed with recipes. Our bookshelves are heaving with them. When we turn on the TV, oh look...

Lizzy Nichol
April 21 2015

6 Natural Beauty Tips to Look and Feel Good

Do you want to look and feel good? Here's how you can do so the natural way.

Angelina Helene
June 11 2012

8 Signs You're Over Your Ex + Ready For A New Relationship

Here's how to know you're on the road to recovery, and soon you'll be ready to step into the life (and relationship) you deserve.

Annice Star
January 5 2017

Sore Throat Remedies: Honey & More

Suffering from a sore throat? One of these soothing natural remedies is sure to help!

Darcy McDonough, M.S.
June 22 2018

10 Healthy Habits That Are Worth The Time & Money

Lemon water is worth the hype. (And 9 other reasonable wellness habits.)

Phoebe Lapine
February 8 2016

Why You Don't Need To Suffer To Get What You Really Want In Life

I have a client who's more than a little attached to winning an Oscar. She dreams about her acceptance speech, and what her life will be like...

Emily Fletcher
April 16 2015

If Plant-Based Diets Are Healthy, Why Take Vitamins?

Can you believe that some people promote plant-based, whole foods, vegan diets, but still tell you to take vitamins? If vegan diets are so healthy,...

Joel Kahn, M.D.
May 22 2013

Why Spring Breeds Allergies, And 7 Ways To Cope Naturally

Just when the weather finally warms up, you’re stuck inside nursing a runny nose and red, itchy eyes between bouts of constant sneezing. Sound...

April 14 2015

8 Fun Ways To Teach Your Kids The Value Of Water

Whether you live in California where the drought is said to be the worst in 1,200 years, or Boston where the all-time snowiest winter is about to melt...

Dr. Diane Lewis
April 14 2015

6 Choices That Will Help You Stay Strong, Flexible & Happy As You Age

So many of us associate aging with cognitive decline, cardiovascular disease, arthritis, adult onset diabetes, osteoporosis, chronic fatigue … Shall I...

Eva Selhub, M.D.
April 12 2015

6 Yoga Retreat Myths - Debunked!

Two years ago I wouldn't have gone on a yoga retreat. Now I run a travel company specializing in them.

Ben Crosky
March 30 2012