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Coffee Could Become The World's Most Sustainable Crop

How are you celebrating International Coffee Day?

Emma Loewe
October 1 2017

How To Be Mindful About Eating Disorders In The Workplace

In high-stress industries, it's incredibly easy to neglect one's personal health.

Is Intermittent Fasting Really Good For Women?

The hormone-fasting connection you need to know about.

Felice Gersh, M.D.
November 29 2017

How To Use Your Internal Compass To Find Your True Path

Just as in Eckhart Tolle's image, blossoms are opening in individual humans all over our flower-field of a planet.

Dr. Martha Beck
March 25 2015

How 8 New Moms Learned To Love Their Bodies (Photo)

I’m not entirely sure where I found the courage to stand, mostly naked, on a public beach with seven other women.

Jessie Harrold
August 17 2015

Why Exercise Won't Counteract The Effects Of Sitting All Day

I admit it. I'm a standing addict. I use a standing desk when I see patients; at conferences my spot is always in the back so I can roam the edges of...

Joel Kahn, M.D.
March 23 2015

6 Things You Need To Know Today (December 9)

All the wellness news you need to know, including optimism as the key to longevity and two new Olympic sports.

Elizabeth Inglese
December 9 2016

Don't Overthink Your Diet, Just Eat More Plants: A Cardiologist Explains

Making decisions about what to eat is a daily challenge we all face. And we're blessed with abundance.

Joel Kahn, M.D.
October 2 2013
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I Was 28 When I Found Out That I Had Skin Cancer. Here's What It Taught Me

Even if just one person benefits from reading my story, it makes my headaches from nerve damage during surgery and my scar worth it.

Kate Eckman
April 5 2016

10 Inspirational Quotes To Keep You Motivated This Winter

Sometimes I envy animals who hibernate. Curling up into a warm and cozy sleep until spring arrives, sounds appealing at times when life feels...

Kaia Roman
January 19 2015

How To Tell If You're REALLY Getting Good Sleep + 8 Ways To Improve It

Lack of sleep is one of the most significant health problems we face today. Yet very few people recognize this problem in themselves or know how to...

Frank Lipman, M.D.
February 26 2016

The One Factor In Fertility I Wish More People Understood: An OB Explains

Some 12 percent of all infertility cases are the result of a woman weighing too much or too little—and the man’s weight can be a factor, too.

Dr. Laurence A. Jacobs
April 1 2016

The Simple Food Rule For Great Skin: A Dermatologist Explains

As an integrative dermatologist, I respect the connection between physical beauty and internal wellness. Here's how eating a full color spectrum of...

Dr. McLean Sheperd
March 31 2016