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5 Steps to Conquer Self-Deprecation

Let's not expect to thwart all these demons at once and instead begin with the only thing we actually have power over: ourselves.

Sara Courter
July 27 2012

30 Ways To Actually Empower Women

From leading wellness experts and justice advocates.

Kelly Gonsalves
March 8 2019

Trusting Your Gut & Overcoming Incurable Obstacles

Seamus Mullen is a chef and owner of two New York restaurants, an author, and an avid cyclist. At revitalize 2015, Seamus shared his journey from...

October 22 2015

How To Harness The Power Of Flow To Make Better Decisions & Enhance Performance

You know when you're in the zone, your endorphins have kicked in, and you feel like a rock star? Well, Jamie Wheal, the Executive Director of Flow...

November 4 2015

Why You Need To Enjoy Your Workouts If You Want To Change Your Life

Health is so much simpler than we make it! And when it comes to the kind of movement we should all be doing, it's easy to get caught up in fitness...

August 24 2014

What You Need to Know About Soy

Are you confused about soy? There is so much conflicting information floating around about soy. Some tout it as the ultimate health food, while others...

Katrine van Wyk
April 25 2012

Yes, Men Fake Orgasms, Too + Other Truths About Male Sexuality

Dr. Abraham Morgentaler, a professor of urology at Harvard Medical School and author of The Truth About Men & Sex, sheds light on what men really...

June 24 2015

10 Best Superfoods for Women

Food is an important part of pleasure. And getting — and staying — healthy can often be as simple as optimizing what we eat.

Aviva Romm, M.D.
November 26 2012

3 Reasons Why I'm Giving Up My Cell Phone

How am I going to make it after living for so many years leaning on the crutch of technological convenience? Well, I have a few ideas…

Amy Jirsa
March 9 2012

Keeping Teaching Simple

Some things to consider if you're starting to teach yoga.

Karen Fabian
July 8 2011

You're Good and I'm Good, Unless I'm Obese?

It's not up to anyone else to tell me that I'm too big or too small.

Michael Taylor
January 17 2012

Nina Simone: My Friend & My First Yoga Teacher

What happened when Nina Simone asked me for a ride.

Dana Flynn
July 3 2012

Food Combinations: Is This Ayurveda-Inspired Diet Healthy?

The premise: Certain food combos can improve (or wreck) your digestion.

Molly Knudsen, M.S., RDN
December 8 2011

Q & A with Cyndi Lee: Om Yoga Icon

Cyndi founded Om Yoga center in 1998 and has arguably had more influence on yoga in New York than anyone.

Jason Wachob
May 24 2011

5 Keys to Great Yoga Sequencing

We teach what we practice, and ideally practice what we teach.

Derek Beres
May 10 2011