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Coast Your Way To Success With These 5 Tips

Every day, clients walk into my office, frantically begging for help overcoming their obstacles to success. But when I ask what success looks like to...

Mike Iamele
April 9 2014

What I Wish More People Understood About Infertility

When your hopes are dashed again and again, it’s hard to have the courage to keep trying — this is a fairly universal and relatable sentiment, in all...

Dr. Jane Nani
April 17 2015

7 Ways To Get Better With Money

Some people are intimidated by financial management, but it’s really a life skill, like anything else, that we learn. Sometimes it helps to break it...

Dr. Jo Webber
April 2 2014

8 Ways To Raise Daughters Who Love Their Bodies, No Matter What

"How do we teach our children to resist the toxic message of our culture, which measures the success of women on how well we fit its mercurial...

Gracie X
November 21 2016

This Is The Healthiest State In The Country. Here's Why

They see living healthy as something they *get* to do, not something they have to do.

James O. Hill, PhD
July 11 2016

11 Natural Preservatives To Look For In Beauty Products

With every news cycle, it seems there's a new warning in the world of harmful ingredients in personal care products. Last month, The New York Times...

Kate Solomon
March 4 2015

When In Doubt, Just Eat the Kale

Four simple ways that we can all lead healthier, happier lives and encourage our friends and families to do the same.

Colleen Wachob
October 23 2012

A Doctor's Top 5 Foods For Better Sleep (Including Almond Butter!)

"I prescribe coconut oil to my patients as if it were medication."

Ellen Vora, M.D.
July 4 2016

I'm Bipolar. Here's How I Took Back Control Of My Life

"A hand that seems to belong to someone else rips my shirt off. Buttons fly as another wail pushes its way out of my body. My throat burns as the...

Lauren Polly
November 8 2016

What I Wish Everyone Knew About Childhood Obesity: A Pediatrician Explains

“How do you do your job?” “I wouldn’t touch those kids with a 10-foot pole!” “Your clinic is a mini-psych ward!” “Nothing works!”

Dr. Dyan Hes
March 24 2014

10 Spiritual Reads That Are Basically Portable Life Coaches

Get ready for hundreds of pages packed with spiritual goodness.

Emma Mildon
June 29 2016

Going Keto To Lose Weight Or Balance Blood Sugar? This Doctor Wants You To Think Twice

The ketogenic diet is pretty extreme, so it's important to know the facts before you try it.

Shivam Joshi, M.D.
July 22 2018

Could Hemp Oil Be The Solution For Your Ocular Migraines?

Cannabis-derived products can provide new hope for those suffering from debilitating headaches.

Darcy McDonough, M.S.
July 21 2018

How To Spot A Quack

Recently I shared my take on a controversial book that’s a scathing takedown of alternative medicine: Do You Believe In Magic? The Sense And Nonsense...

Lissa Rankin, M.D.
August 5 2013

Study: Drinking Diet Soda Means You're More Likely To Die Of Heart Disease

Serving as a friendly reminder that if you're looking to lead the healthiest life possible, your best best is real, whole foods.

March 31 2014