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We Lost An Hour Of Sleep: This 15-Minute Morning Meditation May Help

Just 15 minutes is all you need to wake up your mind and set the day's intention.

Sah D’Simone
March 8

Attention, Yogis: What Is the Psoas and Why Should We Care?

Fear is the opposite of trust, which one would you rather have stored in your psoas?

Hope Zvara
December 4 2012

Micro-Meditation + 5 Other Tools For Instant Grounding

Working breathwork and meditation into your routine doesn't have to be a burden.

Kristin Dahl
March 5 2017

Get To The Mat Even When You Really Don't Feel Like It With These Tips

Because sometimes, the asana just isn't happening.

Sasha Nelson
October 18 2016

Transform Your Mood In 2 Minutes With This Simple Breathing Practice

The Three Part Breath (Deergha Swasam), is a wonderful tool that you can add to your ever-expanding repertoire of mindfulness techniques. Use it to...

Jackie Kinealy
July 25 2015

10-Minute Yoga Sequence For Scorpios (Or Anyone With Tight Hips)

Scorpios tend to store their emotions in their lower body—here's how to fix it.

Paul and Dan Litvin
March 17 2016

I Had Panic Attacks Every Single Day — Then I Tried Yoga

"I didn't come into yoga for the fad of it. I was initially there for the breath because I didn't have it."

Shauna Harrison, Ph.D.
October 6 2016

Wear Them, Display Them, Hold Them. How To Use Crystals Every Damn Day

I don' know about you, but carrying a 10-pound hunk of amethyst with me every day isn't exactly feasible.

Laura Ellis
January 7 2017

A Bedtime Meditation For Kids So Good You'll Do It Too

Help your little one banish worries and fears before bedtime with this calming visualization.

Erica Golub
May 13 2016

10 Yoga Poses, 15 Minutes

Have you ever felt short on time and wished you could get the benefits of a strong, challenging yoga class in just a fraction of the time?

Kim Sin
December 31 2015