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3 Tips For Wild Thing Pose (Video)

Sometimes it's fun to do something new and different during your yoga practice, especially when it has a variety of benefits. Whether you call it Wild...

Gigi Yogini
June 21 2013

7 Tips To Make Your Home A Mini Mindfulness Retreat

A day of at-home mindfulness offers the opportunity to be with ourselves and our emotions, in a place that feels safe.

Louise Jensen
April 28 2015
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8 Seriously Inspiring Audiobooks For People Who Don't Have Time To Read

This collection of audiobooks—focused on self-care, spirituality, and health and fitness—will help even the busiest person work on personal growth and...

Rebecca Stump
January 11 2017

This Firefighter's Plant-Based Challenge Started A Food Revolution

This Texas firefighter's inspiring story about plant-based eating will convince you that food truly is medicine.

January 10 2017

Why I Left My Job As A Corporate Lawyer To Become A Meditation Teacher

When I was a lawyer, I had a "job," and although I was proficient and successful, it was far from rewarding and fulfilling.

Ben Turshen
January 10 2017

6 Signs Your Digestive Issues Might Actually Be SIBO

Studies show that over 50% of patients diagnosed with IBS actually have an underlying imbalance called small intestinal bacterial overgrowth (SIBO)....

I'm a Yoga Teacher. Can I Still Have a Bad Day?

As yoga teachers, we interact with a variety of people every day. Eager students await our classes hoping for a stretch, a challenge, some relaxation,...

Lauren Rudick RYT-500
November 23 2012
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Yes, You Can Manipulate Your Metabolism To Lose Weight. Here's How

These 7 tips will show you how to manipulate your metabolism to prime your body to finally shed excess weight.

Haylie Pomroy
January 6 2017

5 Pathways To Finding Peace After Losing Someone To Suicide

It may feel at certain moments like things are never going to return to "normal" again.

Dr. Adele Ryan McDowell
April 22 2015

Are You Working Out Or Burning Out?

You work hard, then you work out hard. Welcome to the burnout age.

Elizabeth Inglese
January 1 2017

6 Therapeutic Benefits of Humming

You can even hum one note with your eyes closed: a close resemblance to meditation.

Erin Yasinski
June 25 2012

Why Winter Is The Best Time To Indulge In Pampering Beauty Rituals

Self-indulgence and self-love are mandatory this winter! Here's how to do them!

Delphine Lamandé-Frearson
December 30 2016

How Cancer Saved My Life

There is nothing quite like staring down the reality of your own actual physical death to clarify what really matters.

16 Secrets To Staying In That Honeymoon Phase Your Whole Life

During these first few years of our marriage, I've learned what I now consider the essential lessons of marriage—things I wish I knew a long time ago....

Tyson Popplestone
December 29 2016

5 Things I Wish People Would Start Doing In Bikram Yoga

Recently I read a post about what to stop doing in a Bikram yoga. The piece stirred some strong emotions in me, and I thought it might be helpful to...

Allyson Potrebka
May 15 2014