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A $15 Dinner ... All With Ingredients From Whole Foods Market

A nutritionist takes on the challenge of creating a hearty meal for two made with meat and veggies for less than $15.

Dana James, M.S., CNS, CDN
September 28 2016
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The One Ingredient You Should Be Working Into Every Single Meal

With this plan, there's no reason not to get your greens.

January 26 2018
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Meet Your New Favorite Protein-Packed Breakfast Bowls

Check out these three assemble-and-go breakfast bowls that will hit every craving and keep you satisfied all day long.

August 8 2019

10 Things I Do To Maintain A Weight That Feels Great

Being at your ideal weight not only feels amazing, but makes you look good simply because you feel comfortable in your own skin. After years of...

Raquel Vasallo
October 31 2013

5 Ways to Deal with the Emotional Side of Detoxing

Emotions certainly are expressed physically, and they can be stored as well.

Demetra Szatkowski
September 2 2012

The Healthiest People We Know Share Their No. 1 Hydrating Drink For Summer

Forget sugar-filled energy drinks, and sip on one of these refreshing elixirs instead!

Liz Moody
May 31 2019

10 Ways To Give The Gift Of Health This Holiday Season

What if you could ask Santa for something that would change the way you feel, or change the way you look, or change the way you do things in your...

Dr. Erin Martin
December 18 2013

4 Tips For A Healthy Detox (You Don't Need To Starve Yourself!)

Detoxification is a normal bodily process. Toxins are neutralized and processed for elimination through major organs like the liver, kidneys, lungs,...

Mary Dellene
January 3 2014

The One Ingredient You Need For Baby-Smooth Skin

AHAs are alpha-hydroxy acids, a class of chemical compounds that can be either naturally occurring or synthetic. Many are derived from organic sugars,...