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Does A 1-Minute Workout Really Work?

Focusing too much on fitness shortcuts may mean we're missing out on some of the most precious payoffs of exercise.

Leah Pellegrini
May 17 2016

Gluten-Free Recipe: Crepes With Lime, Maple Syrup & Toasted Coconut

This recipe was introduced to me by my partner, who was born and raised in Malaysia and ate them growing up as a kid.

Molly Patrick
August 14 2013

6 Things Everyone Should Know About Acid Reflux

You've probably heard of acid reflux and its classic symptom, heartburn. But did you know that acid reflux can cause problems not just in your...

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12 Ways To Give Your Skin A Radiant, Glowing Look

If we want to stand out, we have to give off the right energy, and a lot of that comes down to feeling secure about ourselves.

September 21 2015

St. Patty's Day Green Hummus Dip

My son’s school loves to throw parties for the kids, and to ask parents to bring holiday-themed snacks. As St. Patrick's Day rolled around this year,...

Holli Thompson
March 15 2014

A 3-Step DIY Facial For Radiant Skin

In order to maintain healthy glowing skin, it's necessary to engage in rituals that show your face some tender, loving care.

Esosa Edosomwan
April 10 2015

5 Ways To Bond With Your Mom On Mother's Day (That Are WAY Better Than Brunch)

Here are five ways to help you and your mom have the happiest Mother’s Day ever (that you can actually do year round).

Marci Shimoff
May 5 2016

Yoga Didn't "Fix" Me, But It Made Me Comfortable With Myself

I’m a yogi and sometimes I have down days. I feel defeated. I wonder how I’m going to make it through another day. Occasionally I even feel like the...

Quentin Vennie, E-RYT 200
February 18 2014

I'm An Inflammation Expert. Here's What I Eat In A Typical Day

As a mom, a naturopathic doctor, and a best-selling author, I’m on the run from sunup till bedtime. I need all the energy I can get—so no matter how...

Spicy Sweet Potato Salsa

This week I was in the mood for something different. I wanted something that captured all of the above tastes in one dish. As a result, I thought of...

Preeti Gundecha
March 6 2014

Nighttime Relaxation Tips To Help Quiet Your Inner Workaholic

I’m all about hustling your buns off all day at work, but when you leave the office (even if it’s a home office), you need to let yourself decompress....

Nicole Lapin
April 27 2016

Are You The Toxic Person In Your Life?

Here are 10 common ways we're unconsciously hurting those around us.

Perpetua Neo, DClinPsy
October 2 2018

How I Manifested The Life I've Always Wanted

Sooner or later we all come to a point when we realize that some things in our life aren't going that well. Fifteen years ago, I suffered from...

A Kale + Quinoa Spin On A Greek Classic

Kale is the ancient member of the cabbage family and was widely consumed in ancient Greece. It was and still is used for medicinal purposes. To the...

Maria Benardis
March 28 2015

A Simple Halloween Smoothie

Who says Halloween has to be unhealthy?

Aimee DuFresne
October 15 2012