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The Only Guide You Need To Create An Epic Winter Wellness Routine

Because we all need some extra self-care during the winter months.

Chelsea Gross
February 1 2017

What I Learned From Weighing 300 Pounds

As someone who spent the first 25 years of her life as a plus-sized individual, I can tell you firsthand how often plus-sized people are scrutinized...

Naomi Teeter
October 23 2014

3 Ancient Secrets For Youthful, Glowing Skin

It can often feel complicated and expensive to remain vibrant and healthy, but achieving this for yourself doesn’t have to be either of these things....

Yogi Cameron
January 13 2014

A Beautiful Fall Salad That Tastes Even Better Than It Looks

Kamut is a grain with a great marketing angle: One common origin story is that this ancient wheat was discovered in the tombs of Egyptian pharaohs.

Erica Strauss
October 11 2015

7 Things You Need To Know Today (September 5, 2018)

There's a link between using Tinder in a committed relationship and psychopathy, a new study finds.

Lindsay Kellner
September 5 2018

Why It's So Important To Avoid Toxins While Breast-Feeding

The news on breast-feeding is good news. According to the CDC, 77% of newborns begin life breast-feeding, and the number of infants still...

Terry Wahls, M.D.
April 28 2014

This Man's Powerful Photo Proves Why You Can't Judge Someone By Their Appearance

Three emergency surgeries in two years rendered Ste Walker unable able to eat any food, and he's spent the majority of the last 18 months in a...

Emma Loewe
November 5 2015

Weekly Horoscope: Get Ready, Because Your Loftiest Goals Just Might Become Reality

If ambitious plans seemed to hit a snag over the past five months, don't abandon hope.

The AstroTwins
September 3 2018

Bored Of Your Bone Broth? 10 Delicious Ways To Drink More & Elevate The Taste

They’ll have you falling in love with this healthy drink all over again.

Heather Braaten
January 23 2015

Ben Greenfield On Why He Uses The Squatty Potty Technique

Fitness pro Ben Greenfield gets personal in his talk from revitalize 2015. Here, he reveals the ancient method he uses to improve his bathroom...

November 4 2015

6 Healthy Eating Tips For When You Have No Time

At least 90% of my clients say, "Eating healthy takes too much time." With four children under the age of eight, I get it. What I've learned, and...

Mariah Dolan
January 22 2015

Your Spring Dating Checklist: 6 Secrets To Getting Back In The Groove

It can be challenging to emerge from the hibernation of the winter months, but with these six steps, you can get yourself back into the dating mindset...

Amy Baglan
April 1 2017

The Best Foods To Help You Eat The Rainbow & Boost Your Energy

Food is energy. Every bite of food that we take is converted into a symphony of chemical substances that can either serve us by promoting and...

8 Things You Need To Know Today (March 30)

All the wellness news you need to know today, including Hollywood's anorexia problem, the benefits of dancing, and the dangers of soda.

Lindsay Kellner
March 30 2017

I Didn’t Lose 200 Pounds. I Lost 1 Pound 200 Times

Have you ever looked at a to-do list so staggering you didn't even know where to start? At 440 pounds, that's what it was like to stare down at the...

Tim Bauer
October 18 2014

11 Healthy Foods Nutritionists Stock In The Freezer

Sticking to a healthy meal plan can be as simple as stocking your kitchen with the right foods.

Gabrielle Frank
August 31 2015

A Meditation To Help You Feel Your Best While Pregnant

Meditation can be helpful for those times when vinyasa flow is off the table.

Courtney Sunday
May 21 2016