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How One Patient Ditched Her Asthma Inhaler For Good

Turns out, your asthma has a lot to do with your gut health.

If You Get Leg Cramps, Try This Strange Harvard-Approved Cure

Have you ever woken up with a charley horse in your calf so bad you scream out loud?

Joel Kahn, M.D.
October 2 2014

Himalayan Salt Lamps Are Popular, But Do They Do Anything? Here's The Research

While they may not come with any real health benefits, these lamps sure are pretty.

James Winskowski
August 7 2017

What I Tell My Patients Who Want To Treat Their PCOS

Here’s what I recommend to patients who come to me with PCOS.

Dana Cohen, M.D.
October 2 2015

Try This Quick & Easy Keto Cookie Recipe For A Low-Carb Sweet Fix

Chewy, gooey, and delicious with a glass of almond milk.

Kayleigh Roberts
February 27 2019

What It's Really Like To Have Candida

Dealing with candida has become its own funny, uncomfortable little exercise in mindfulness

Charlotte Lieberman
May 21 2015

5 Reasons Thyroid Medications Aren't Working For You

Millions of Americans struggle with low thyroid symptoms and are told at their doctor's office to take medication and return in three months. Welcome...

William Cole, D.C., IFMCP
September 5 2013

How Much Sex Are Real Couples Actually Having?

"I think I'm really lucky that I have a partner who has seen my body go through some crazy contortions through pregnancy, childbirth, post-pregnancy,...

Leigh Weingus
July 13 2017

Why Women In Their 20s Are Having Fewer Orgasms Than Ever

"Normal is irrelevant. Normal is overrated. Normal is a fiction. There is only you, your partner, and whatever turns you on."

Marthe Schneider
July 11 2017

6 Reasons Your Thyroid Medication Might Not Be Working

As many as 20 million Americans have some form of a thyroid problem.

William Cole, D.C., IFMCP
September 11 2015