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I Never Knew I Was At Risk For A Stroke. Here's What I Wish I Knew

Learn to manage inflammation and prevent a stroke.

Jessica Diaz
February 20 2017
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What Your Type-A Personality Really Means For Your Health

The overachievers who just cannot get themselves to sit down and chill out for a second.

Will Clower, PhD
January 21 2016

How Healthy Are Your Hair Follicles? Scientists Develop New Technique To Measure Hair Loss

It may be as easy as slipping on a helmet for a few minutes at your next checkup.

Jamie Schneider
October 31 2019

The Specific Health Benefits Of Eating The Rainbow

Because rainbow food is the best kind of food.

Jennifer Forbes
March 12 2017

It's Normal To Feel Stressed Right Now, Here's What You Can Do

How to understand cortisol levels—and what that means for your health.

Serena Goldstein, N.D.
September 28 2018

A High-Sugar Diet Leads To Acne More Than Tobacco Use, Study Finds

Eating processed sugar takes the cake when it comes to this unfavorable skin condition.

Jamie Schneider
October 11 2019

How Traditional Chinese Medicine Can Help Prevent Heart Disease

Heart disease is a major public health crisis in America. According to the American Heart Association, heart disease is the leading cause of death in...

Daniel Hsu, DAOM, LAc
February 20 2015

4 Hidden Sources Of Toxic Heavy Metals That Can Harm Your Health

We can run, but we cannot hide, from all the toxins that rob us of our health and vitality in this industrial world. However, armed with adequate...

Joel Kahn, M.D.
April 11 2016