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Do You Have Healthy Blood Sugar? How To Tell + Tips To Maintain It Naturally

With the right lifestyle and dietary tweaks, maintaining your blood sugar is easier than you think.

Stephanie Eckelkamp
July 29 2018

Can Your Gut Bacteria Help You Gain Muscle Strength?

A new study suggests the gut microbiome has a role in mechanisms related to muscle strength.

Gretchen Lidicker, M.S.
September 20 2019

Why The Health Benefits Of Community Parks Really Can't Be Overstated

In cities like Birmingham, the park Rx idea is catching on on a large scale.

Emma Loewe
April 24 2019

What Happens If You Forget To Drink Water Before, During, Or After A Workout?

This small tablet will take away all your dehydration worries.

January 25 2019

6 Things You Need To Know Today (May 8)

All the wellness news from May 8, 2017, including new information about kids' activity levels, the comeback of psychedelics, and a 93-year-old yogi.

Elizabeth Inglese
May 8 2017

6 Things Runners Need To Know About Their Gut Health

Plus, tips for getting your gut health on track.

Jamie Morea
October 17 2016

5 Reasons Vitamin B3 Shouldn't Be Missing From Your Skin Care Routine

So start taking notes because we're diving into the skin benefits of vitamin B and proving why it's the ingredient your skin care routine is missing.

Andrea Jordan
April 5

Palm Oil Production Can Actually Be Sustainable, New Study Finds

This vegetable oil can have devastating effects, but scientists find possible solution.

Abby Moore
November 22 2019

What I Wish Everyone Knew About Eating Fats: A Doctor Explains

The right fats can help you become lean, healthy, and vibrant. In fact, according to Dr. Mark Hyman, eating more of the right fats can lead to a...

February 23 2016