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6 Things You Need To Know Today (May 8)

All the wellness news from May 8, 2017, including new information about kids' activity levels, the comeback of psychedelics, and a 93-year-old yogi.

Elizabeth Inglese
May 8 2017

3 All-Natural Ways To Exfoliate In Less Than 10 Minutes

Exfoliating your skin is crucial for a healthy, vibrant complexion. Since the top layer of the skin (the epidermis) is renewed every two weeks,...

Audrey Lefebvre
June 17 2015

Crowded Gym? Do This 5-Minute Warm-Up While You Wait

The treadmills will be open before you know it.

Todd McCullough
March 3 2019

5 Vegetarian 10-Minute Dinners That Start With Opening A Can

Packed with protein and fiber, these will make you full fast.

Liz Moody
August 13 2019
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The Process That Causes Allergic Reactions May Be Critical For Our Survival

New research finds that the same cells involved in allergic reactions are critical for our survival.

Caroline Muggia
October 13 2018

Let Someone Borrow Money? Here's The Best Way To Ask For It Back

Moneylending between friends and family can cause tension—here's how to deal.

Alexandra Engler
August 10 2019
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4 Functional Plant-Based Boosters To Add To Your Superfood Smoothies

Looking for a superfood powder or healthy fat to boost your smoothies? Check these out.

Krista Soriano
February 26

Is Porn Really Bad For Relationships? Here's What The Research Actually Says

Many people watch porn without any negative effects on their relationship.

Kelly Gonsalves
November 10 2016

5 Ways To Rewire Your Brain For Meaningful Life Changes

Contrary to popular approaches, this strategy involves more than just positive thinking or working hard.

Hilary Stokes, PhD, LCSW
November 26 2013

Your Pelvic Floor: How It Can Help You Reduce Stress & Improve Gut Health

There's a lot you can do to release stress and improve the health of your pelvic floor.

Lauren Roxburgh
May 28 2019

The Alkaline Diet: Myth Or Must?

According to the theory behind an alkaline-based diet, consuming too much acidic food will cause an increase in the acidity (and decrease in pH) of...

Kailani King
May 15 2015