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Christie Brinkley's Wellness Secrets: Yoga & Veggies

At age 57, Christie Brinkley looks better than ever as she takes the lead as Roxie in the Tony award winning play, Chicago, on Broadway. So how does...

April 20 2011

Christie Brinkley Launching Vegan Skin Care Line

Longtime vegetarian and yoga practitioner, Christie Brinkley (now 57 years-old!), is launching a vegan skin care line.

August 5 2011

9 Natural Beauty Secrets We Can Learn From A 61-Year-Old Supermodel

According to Tina Fey, Christie Brinkley in the eighties was the standard for beauty. Between the flowing hair, perfect skin and bright smile, the...

Allie White
November 17 2015

Is Beverly Hills The Latest Wellness Hub?

Beverly Hills is trading in wealth for wellth.

Elizabeth Inglese
May 12 2017

Christy Turlington's Natural Secrets to Glowing Skin

Supermodel, mom, yogi, and humanitarian, Christy Turlington looks stunning at age 42. So what's her secret to glowing skin? It's not plastic surgery.

October 24 2011

How to Wash Your Veggies

Purer taste, preventing food borne illnesses, and cleaning your food of pesticides are all reasons it is important to wash your fruits and vegetables....

Sarah Christie
August 19 2012

Water Is Not A Renewable Resource: An Inside Look Into The Water Crises Of Today

Professor and author Christy Zenner, Ph.D. and Anecita Agustinez, the tribal policy advisor at California Department of Water Resource, break down why...

June 17 2018

3 Easy Ways To Give Your Adrenals A Break

Want to keep your adrenal glands cool this summer? Try these three easy steps to keep your adrenals running smooth, even in the sweltering heat.

Christie Haymond
July 12 2013

Craving Chips, Pop or Pizza? 3 Foods To Eat Instead

Transition from the Standard American Diet to a plant based diet, is not only smart, but delicious!

Sarah Christie
December 18 2012

10 Juice Recipes to Become a Juice Barista

So you have been juicing, but running low on inspiration? Here are ten original recipes to turn your kitchen into your own personal juice bar!

Sarah Christie
August 22 2012

4 Secrets to Delicious Juices & Smoothies

Here are four secrets to make your juice or smoothie absolutely delicious and nutritious. And yes, they all start with the letter ‘S’ :)

Sarah Christie
June 30 2012

6 Thanksgiving Recipes for Gratitude

The most important recipe you can have for Thanksgiving is one for gratitude.

Sarah Christie
November 19 2012

Whole Wheat vs. Sprouted Grain Bread

It's common knowledge that whole wheat bread is healthier than white bread. But what about sprouted grains? And what is sprouted grain bread, anyway?

Sarah Christie
October 2 2012

How to Make Your Own Organic Body Scrub

The best natural skin care products are made from fresh, natural ingredients. You may have heard that skin is our body’s largest organ. It’s true....

Sarah Christie
July 2 2012

The 15 Best Wellness Books Of 2015

If you asked me to estimate the number of wellness-related books released in a given year, I wouldn't have half a clue. I would be able to tell you...

Allison Daniels
December 29 2015

How To Access Creativity Through Your Sacral Chakra

Creativity is the cornerstone of the human existence and the source of the world’s most remarkable creations. Although, I believe creativity is a gift...

Christy Lynn Abram
July 18 2014