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3 Ways To Feel Good About Mixing Business and Yoga

There’s been a lot of debate in the yoga community about whether it’s “yogic” to mix business with yoga. Not only can business and yoga mix – they can...

Chris King
November 19 2012

6 Lessons From Yoga That Will Help You Create A Fulfilling Business

A lot of what we learn in yoga can be applied off the mat, including in business.

Nadya Andreeva
August 28 2013

5 Habits To Maintain Inner Peace & Sanity In A Chaotic World

There are many advantages to solitude, ashram life and connection to nature, but when you're caught up in the hustle and bustle of big city, mindful...

Alba Creales
February 28 2015

Can The "Namaste Effect" Help You Create A Successful Business?

In 2009 I made a radical change. I quit a high-paying, promising corporate career to pursue a dream: to build and run a retreat center in Mexico. I...

Jean-Baptiste Belledent
November 17 2014

13 Signs You're Ready To Start Your Own Wellness Business

Chances are, if you're reading this, you know that you're ready to start your own wellness business. But like all of us closet validation seekers,...

Emily Nolan
October 7 2014

Announcing Our Wellness Directory!

We are happy to announce the latest addition to the MindBodyGreen family of properties -- our new Wellness Directory! Our goal is to help you discover...

June 1 2011

7 Ways To Actually "Make It" As A Yoga Teacher

Yes, you really can support yourself as a yoga teacher.

Paul Teodo
October 8 2016

10 Weekly Habits To Stay On Top Of Your Yoga Business

Feel like you’re short on time to focus on the things that’ll grow your yoga business? You're not alone. As a single business owner, you’re constantly...

Karen Fabian
November 15 2013

14 Tips for Starting Your Own Yoga Business

When I transitioned from working full time in the corporate world to working for myself, I did a few things to create structure.The start of any...

Karen Fabian
October 19 2011

Tools to Help Your Yoga Business

I took my first yoga class just over a year ago when my wife opened a yoga studio in Chicago called Tula Yoga Studio. At the time, I knew almost...

Andrew Wicklander
October 11 2012

New Yoga Teacher? Here's The Only Marketing Tool You'll Ever Need

You’ve done your training, you’re psyched to be building your yoga business, but your heart kind of sinks when you realize just how many other yoga...

Linzi Wilson
March 10 2014

It's OK To Make Money Teaching Yoga (Without Feeling Guilty)

As an owner of a yoga studio, I understand the struggle to find a balance between sharing the gifts of yoga, and doing what it takes to keep my...

Jill Lawson
July 30 2013

5 Books That Every Yoga Professional Should Read

In the same way a student of yoga might be influenced by their instructor (in style, belief, or something else), I've been influenced by people when...

Andrew Wicklander
November 1 2012

How Hot Yoga Helped Me Become A Better Entrepreneur

I have a confession: I hate extreme heat. I’m a firm believer in air conditioning, shunning Palm Springs in the summer and refusing to take the New...

Kerry Quinn
November 4 2013