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A Few Quick Yoga Moves To Save Your Sanity

Target and alleviate your holiday woes with these four yoga moves.

Travis Eliot
November 26 2014

5 Things You Shouldn't Say To Someone With Depression

Although depression affects each person differently at different times, it's better to believe that people with depression usually see the glass half...

Kiesha Frue
April 21 2015

This Week's Horoscope Is Here To Shake Up Your Daily Routine

Venus in Pisces can make the mundane feel downright sacred.

The AstroTwins
January 12

How To Make Decluttering A Spiritual Experience

As you eliminate what no longer serves you, allow yourself to be spoiled with what you really want and deserve.

Lili Pettit
December 7 2016

6 Relaxing Yoga Poses To Help You Fall Asleep

Ease your way into a restful night with these restorative yoga poses.

Sara Quiriconi
October 30 2014

4 Ways To Practice Active Meditation If You Can't Sit Still

No need to sit still to reap the benefits of meditation.

Darcy McDonough, M.S.
October 24 2019

Antibiotics & Gut Health — How You Can Help Your Body Recover

New research finds that our gut partially recovers naturally from antibiotic use, but a little extra TLC goes a long way.

Caroline Muggia
October 25 2018

5 Reasons to Go On a Complaint-Free Diet

Gluten-free, Lactose-free, Low-Carb, Fat-Free, MSG-Free. But what about a mental diet?

Silvia Mordini
July 25 2012

3 Love-Based Ways To Reach Your Highest Potential

One of the most difficult questions I ask my students is: What do you want? You might be surprised how many of us draw a blank in the face of this...

Rebecca Butler
January 15 2014

How To Harness Your Wild Feminine & Masculine Energies

Connect to who you really are, regardless of external pressures or societal norms.

Daniela Schmutz
December 30 2016

5 Things I Learned About Love From A 60th Wedding Anniversary

I recently had the privilege of attending my grandparents’ 60th wedding anniversary. Relatives, friends and colleagues spanning six decades all...

Mandy Burstein
February 14 2014

8 Rituals To Practice For Tonight's Full Moon In Cancer

Pass the tissues! There's a full moon tonight in sensitive, heart-centered Cancer.

The AstroTwins
January 4 2015