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This Is What A Personalized Metabolism Diet Looks Like

"Honestly, I wasn't sure what he would change about my current diet. Turns out, he wanted to change a LOT."

Gretchen Lidicker, M.S.
September 3 2018

What's Your Dream Job? 5 Exercises To Find A Job That's Right For You

Yes, it's still possible to find the job you love or at least be on the path toward a more fulfilling career.

Amelia Kruse
May 27

8 Things That Happened After I Meditated For 100 Days

I meditated every day first thing in the morning without taking a day off for the entire duration.

Kyle V. Robinson
April 20 2015

6 Tips For Getting Along With Your In-Laws

It's no surprise that the tagline for TLC's newest reality show Surviving the In-Laws acknowledges this less-glamorous part of the marriage...

Hayley Hobson
April 15 2015

The 5 Things You Need to Know About Nail Care Right Now

Labels on beauty products can be misleading, claiming things like "natural" or "organic." New studies show that natural and organic nail polish can...

Cary Gannon, DPM
July 9 2016

5 Essential Micronutrients + How To Get More Of 'Em

The age-old adage "you are what you eat" couldn't be more true—the nutrients in your food supply your body with all it needs to grow and survive.

Audrey Eaden, M.S.
July 9 2016

Overcome Fear with a Simple Breathing Exercise

In Ayurveda and Traditional Chinese Medicine, it is believed that too much fear causes an energy imbalance in the body that leads to disease.

Robert Piper
May 4 2012

Why I'm Crazy About Chair Yoga

I've been practicing different styles of yoga for more than 5 years, and love a challenging vinyassa flow class to function as my workout for the day....

Stanley Currier
August 30 2013

Try Sipping These 6 Caffeine-Free Teas To Help Eliminate Bloat

Plus, one bonus caffeinated one, for the mornings when ya just need it.

Emily Kyle, R.D.
July 19 2018

I Spent Years In A Funk. Here's The Holistic Practice That Snapped Me Out Of It

"The best way I can describe Reiki is that it helps reconnect us with our hearts."

Kate Eckman
June 25 2016

6 Fears You Need To Master To Be Happy

Our fears keep us locked in our head, and ultimately limit our potential.

John Kim, LMFT
April 10 2013