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10 Ways To Use The Law Of Attraction To Get Exactly What You Want (In Love & Everything Else)

"High-vibration people understand that happiness does not depend upon perfect circumstances. Instead, it's a choice consciously made every single...

Monica Parikh
October 14 2016

What Does It Really Mean To Have Mindful Sex?

"Mindful sex is a journey of exploration."

Yael Shy
November 7 2017

7 Evening Rituals To Have A Stress-Free Night, Every Night

By now, most people understand the importance of a morning ritual. But the truth is, your morning starts the night before. The way you end one day...

Dan Harrison
November 25 2015

3 Skin-Beautifying Benefits (And Uses!) Of African Black Soap

Meet the West African ingredient that deserves a spot in your shower.

Krista Soriano
April 20

4 Ways To Make Washing The Dishes A Little Bit Less Of A Drag

How to make everyone's least favorite chore a little bit less of a, well, chore.

Emma Loewe
April 10

How To Use Gemstone Sex Toys For Self-Love & Beauty

Here are five ways to use Chakrub crystal sex toys for self-love and beauty.

Vanessa Cuccia
January 31 2017

How Much Epsom Salt Do You Put In Your Bath To Fight Anxiety & Pain?

It's a common mistake to use less than the recommended amount of Epsom salt in your bath, which means you're not getting the full benefits of...

Gretchen Lidicker, M.S.
September 16 2019