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A New Take On The Breakfast Bowl: Millet Porridge

If you've been looking to try a new grain, millet is not only nutritious it has many health benefits. Millet is easily digestible, gluten-free and...

Andrea Lewis
April 6 2015

All-Natural Solutions to Bad Breath, Body Odor, Cracked Feet & Thinning Hair

The good news? The solutions to many of these issues are all-natural, easy to put into practice, and inexpensive.

The Ultimate Beet Juice Recipe

Beets are an affordable natural multivitamin, and are filled with disease-fighting and anti-inflammatory benefits. The bright purple color means...

Julie Arnold
June 24 2013

How To Find Happiness At Work, Even If You Don't Like Your Job

Is it possible — or even wise to try — to be happy at jobs we don't resoundingly like?

Sharon Salzberg
October 20 2014

Should Runners Eat More Fat To Burn More Fat?

I tried it. Here's what I found out.

Laura Peifer
May 29 2017

I Won't Get On A Plane Without These 4 Items

Four items I always bring with me on a plane, including magnesium oil, ginger, and mushroom extract.

Gretchen Lidicker, M.S.
November 20 2018

The ONE Trick I Use To Stay Slim: A Nutritionist Explains

Let me introduce you to brothing. It's my term for replacing a meal, snack, or beverage with bone broth, so you can sip yourself slim, young, and...

Here's The Best Time Of Day To Exercise Based On Your Zodiac Sign

This could explain why you get the urge to exercise in the middle of the workday.

Leigh Weingus
May 25 2017

Save Your $$$ By Creating An At-Home Wellness Retreat: Here's How

Because you shouldn't need to drop major money to feel your best.

Karin G. Reiter
April 25 2017

Q & A with Jordana Brewster: Meditation, Eating Healthy & The Mind-Body Connection

In this exclusive MBG interview, read about Jordana’s philosophies on meditation, food, and living calmly in our high-speed world.

Jason Wachob
August 6 2012
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3 Strategies For Actually Being Well-Rested This Holiday Season

How To Get Through The Holiday Season With Plenty Of Chill.

November 14 2018

The Surprising Health Benefit Of Being Single

To all the single people currently being bombarded by engagement photos on Facebook and Instagram: You might actually be better off than...

Emi Boscamp
December 4 2015