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DIY Natural Recipes For 3 All-Time-Fave Products

For a fun weekend activity, give one of these a go.

Ina De Clercq
September 14 2019

This DIY Dry Shampoo Won't Clog Your Pores Or Hurt Your Scalp

Dry shampoo might have negative effects on your scalp, from clogged pores and hairline breakouts to thinning hair. Here's a DIY one that won't.

Andrea Jordan
February 22

Looking For A Signature Scent? Perhaps It's Time To Try DIY Perfume

A signature scent is somewhat of a personal ideal: Find yours, and you'll make an entrance as soon as you step foot in a room or leave a lingering...

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5 Products This Wellness Entrepreneur Recommends To Everyone

The book that's made the biggest impact on her self-care and more.

Sophie Jaffe
July 29 2019

14 Semi-Brilliant Stay-At-Home Vacay Ideas For The Long Weekend

No matter where you are located or your situation, the idea of an escape probably sounds pretty intriguing right now.

Alexandra Engler
3 days ago

5 Clever Ways To Get More Protein-Packed Pistachios In Your Diet

From mains to dessert, here are five ways to eat more pistachios.

Sarah Regan
March 13

Clear Your Home's Air With These Smell-Good Essential Oils

You'll want to keep this simple blend on hand all winter.

Emma Loewe
January 4 2018