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How These 8 Yogis Deal With Hangovers

Hydrate, hydrate, and twist.

Leigh Weingus
December 28 2016

The Joy of Being Present

"To live in this single moment, this lightest breath, this softest touch, to be captured by this smallest, this briefest space of time, to be fully...

December 20 2011

How Acro Yoga Transformed My Sex Life

Things are about to get steamy.

Ava Johanna
February 10 2017

8 Things You Need To Know Today (August 4)

All the wellness news you need to know including a machine that prevents avocados from browning, a Fitbit for fertility, and why you always crave...

Emi Boscamp
August 4 2016

Cute Photos Of Puppies Swimming Underwater (Why Not?!)

Puppies already know how to swim even at just a few weeks old. When they reach a certain age, they become so curious they are fearless. During this...

Seth Casteel
September 16 2014

12 Things You Need To Know Today (December 8)

In a possible solution to ending poverty, Finland is close to finalizing a plan to pay each of its 5.4 million people $876 every month in exchange for...

Allie White
December 8 2015

Amy Schumer Shares Her Beautiful, Nearly Nude Photo By Annie Leibovitz

Today, the 43rd edition of the Pirelli calendar, a.k.a. fashion's sexiest calendar, was released. Behind the lens was Annie Leibovitz, one of the...

Emi Boscamp
November 30 2015

7 Things You Need To Know Today (October 3)

1. Silicon Valley's latest threat: Under Armour.

Jason Wachob
October 3 2015

10 Reasons Why You Might Love Foraging For Wild Foods

I’ve been a happy eater ever since I learned that so many of the plants and mushrooms that grow around us are edible and nutritious. In the seasons...

Ava Chin
May 6 2014

Walnut-Date Bliss Balls (Vegan & Gluten-Free!)

These highly nutritious and absolutely delicious bite-sized balls are so simple to make and are just what you need to power through the day! They're...

Lisa Lane
April 29 2014

Single, In Your 40s & Want To Have A Baby? Read This

Do you lie in bed late at night, dreaming of becoming a mother someday? Think life would be just perfect with a baby on the way?

Lisa Lane
December 10 2013

Your Weekly Horoscope Is Here: What's In The Stars For You?

Have you been secretly lusting? Intense attraction will be all-consuming—but these very situations could take a dramatic turn. What starts out as a...

The AstroTwins
May 8 2017