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Want To Take A Vacation? Study Shows It May Improve Your Heart Health

Here's how to get the benefits without heading out of town.

Caroline Muggia
June 21 2019

5 Things You Should Do Before Quitting A Job You Hate

We all have days at work we wish we would've called in sick, but when those moments happen every day, it might be time to consider a career switch. If...

Shannon Kaiser
September 9 2013

What I Wish More People Knew About Overcoming An Eating Disorder

You can't tell whether a person has an eating disorder by his or her looks. Some are skinny, some are large, and some are in between. They also have...

Mary Anne Cohen, LCSW, BCD
November 27 2015

8 Excuses For Not Meditating That You Should Ditch Immediately

I felt like a meditation fraud for years. As a yoga teacher, meditation is practically in my job description. Only problem was, I had an extreme...

Liz Arch
April 8 2014

Yowza! Banana-Split Smoothie (Vegan Recipe)

I was experimenting with my blender when I came upon the most delicious smoothie of my life. It has protein, potassium, fiber, chocolate, and TASTES...

Lauren Rudick RYT-500
October 15 2013

A Yoga Sequence To Harness Your Potential & Activate Your Sacral Chakra

With today being a super-charged astrological day coming from all directions, why not incorporate a yoga sequence into your daily routine that mirrors...

Tiffany Maloney
March 20 2015

Want To Heal Your Gut? New Study Says Some Fresh Air Might Help

A new study has revealed none other than Mother Nature as a friend to the microbiome.

Sarah Regan
December 25 2019

This Map Highlights The Best & Worst Places For Food Sustainability

The researchers took everything into account and presented their findings on a world map.

Eliza Sullivan
November 27 2019

6 Steps To Make Your Juicing Habit Stick

One certainty in my health coaching program is that I introduce homemade juicing to each and every client. I've seen positive results and garnered...

Elaine Lee
August 20 2013

How To Keep Falling In Love With Your Partner (Over & Over Again)

We fall in love at close proximity. I mean real love, not the imagined kind that some can conjure up through fantasy or at a distance, or that is...

Stan Tatkin, PsyD, MFT
December 1 2015

Weekly Horoscope: The Last New Moon Of 2018 Is Coming & It's An Important One

As the week begins, you may feel like you're driving through fog.

The AstroTwins
December 3 2018