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5 Reasons Why We Have Cravings

We all experience cravings on a daily basis. At 10am, that donut looks delicious. At 12pm, that greasy slice of pizza seems irresistible. And so on. 

Margo Gladys
May 15 2013

My #1 Tip For Beating Cravings That Kick In After Dinner

Why does our willpower to avoid sweets weaken as the day progresses? If you find yourself clawing at your kitchen cupboards looking for chocolate...

Sadie Lincoln
October 30 2015

Plants Are Super Powerful In Feng Shui — Here Are 5 Reasons Why

As if you needed another excuse to get that monstera you've been eyeing.

Dana Claudat
May 9 2019

5 Reasons Everyone Should Try Pilates (Even If You Think It's Not For You)

Have an injury? Does chronic pain or illness make it hard for you to exercise? Feel like you don't have a lot of time with your busy schedule? Want to...

Kelly Roberts
March 12 2015

Here's How A Nutritionist Eats

Ever wonder what the food philosophy of a nutritionist is?

Jessica Sepel
June 4 2013

Spiritual Lessons We Can All Learn From Summer

This fiery season is all about chasing what you've worked for—without going insane.

Erin Bruce
June 24 2017

Mercury Is About To Give Us All A Pair Of Rose-Colored Glasses

"Loosen up timelines so you have a chance to fully ponder every decision."

The AstroTwins
May 6 2019
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This Plant-Based “Risotto” With Coconut Milk Is Everything Right Now

How To Use Coconut Milk To Make A Perfect Plant-Based “Risotto”

May 6 2019

10 Simple Strategies To Ditch Sugar

Ever attended a pot-luck, summer BBQ, birthday party or sports event and looked around? Any social gathering is guaranteed to be fully loaded with...

Lindsey Wanke
August 22 2015

Why I Don't Mind Sucking At Ashtanga Yoga

Is trying new things exciting? Daunting? Exhilarating? Scary? All of these?

Lauren Rudick RYT-500
April 12 2013

How To ACTUALLY Have A Mindful Relationship With Your Phone

Pledge to do these 4 things today, be a mindfulness master by the New Year.

Patrick Paul Garlinger
December 27 2017

This Is The City Where People Get The Most Exercise

They also have the highest well-being.

Leigh Weingus
September 20 2017

Foam Rolling 101: Here's What You Need To Know

The one tool your wellness practice needs.

Lauren Roxburgh
March 25 2018

8 Truths Only Single Parents Will Understand

"You'll pay $50 in baby-sitting for a $15 yoga class." And it keeps you sane.

Alice Chan
August 22 2017