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Decoding Your Hunger: What Your Appetite Is Trying To Tell You

Your experiences with hunger are unique to you, but you may notice that some of your appetites are related to one of seven hungers.

I Stayed In The Wrong Marriage For 11 Years

I had no reason to be unhappy or lonely. But I was.

Sharon Pope
August 30 2014

Your 2015 Astrological Forecast For Health, Happiness & Relationships

MindBodyGreen's resident astrologers The AstroTwins, give you the scoop for your sign's health and happiness in 2015.

The AstroTwins
January 1 2015

6 Ways To Improve Your Posture Through Your Feet (Yes, Really!)

A number of people may not have pain in their feet, yet they could be the source of problems further up the body.

Amy Lynch
March 28 2012

7 Science-Backed Ways To Get Happy Right Now

So, what’s the first thing you must do before you can be happy? Be happy. Be happy first.

Neil Pasricha
March 10 2016

Want Less Stress & A Better Mood? Drink Hot Cocoa!

Rich, dark chocolate (I like it super bitter at 90% cocoa solids), raw cacao with almond milk and cacao nibs are foods of passion for me! Many people...

Ani Richardson
October 25 2013

The 5 Principles of Functional Medicine

So What Exactly Is Functional Medicine & How Can It Help Chronic Disease?

William Cole, D.C., IFMCP
September 5 2012

The Truth About The Green Beauty Industry (From An Insider)

Is it time to accept preservatives in green beauty products?

Jean Seo
March 6 2016

8 Myths About Dating That Are Keeping You Single

Dating is an adventure. And adventures can be fun … or they can be disastrous.

Shelly Bullard, MFT
June 27 2014

Happy Earth Day! Why The 'Green' In mindbodygreen Is So Important

So just why did we call this website, mindbodygreen, which wasn't part of the lexicon a couple of years ago? (And why is mindbodygreen one word and...

Jason Wachob
April 22 2013

5 Questions To Find Out If Your Doctor Gets Wellness

The field of medicine is like an oil tanker—slow to move forward and even slower to change direction.

Robin Berzin, M.D.
October 22 2013

How I Finally Made A Vegan Diet Work For Me

I don’t want to be sanctimonious. I’m not perfect. I have a favorite pair of leather boots. My own reasons for adopting a vegan lifestyle are some...

Allison Currie
March 1 2016

When Self-Care Leads To Self-Criticism, Pivot Your Mindset To This

Love is the driving force of life—the experience we all care about most—so seek it everywhere. Seek it in relationships, in your personal passions,...

Debra Campbell, Ph.D.
June 18 2017

10 Reasons People Don't Make A Career Change (Even When They Should)

If you're like most people reading the blog, your career is one of the most important parts of your life ... and yet you're not as fulfilled by your...

5 Reasons You Should Do Handstands Every Day

Handstands are an extremely underrated exercise, for one main reason: most people think they just can't do them.

Krista Stryker, NSCA-CPT
October 17 2013

9 Worries That Are Ruining Your Life

What do we worry about at night? Turns out that we're not all that different from each other in our deep-seated worries. We all worry about the same...

Amy Shah, M.D.
August 12 2014

Could Eating Meat Give You Diabetes? A Cardiologist Explains

I know, I know. Here goes Debbie Downer again, bursting your bubble as you consider biting into a sirloin burger, salmon steak, or grilled chicken...

Joel Kahn, M.D.
August 12 2014

10 Tips To Make Your Bedroom A Tranquil Sanctuary

Is your bedroom your happy place? If the answer is no, let's work on making that happen. Why? Sleep is absolutely vital for optimal health. Your...

Claudia Petrilli
August 12 2014