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10 Simple Ways To Live More Sustainably, Starting Today

New Year’s isn’t the only time to make resolutions. How about we all make one big one this Earth Day to live a more eco-friendly existence?

Emmanuelle Chriqui
April 22 2015
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The 5 Books You Have To Read This Summer

With our list of summer reading essentials, you can spend more time perfecting your island itinerary and less time deciding which books to bring on...

May 26 2016

We Tried All The Mood-Boosting Teas & These Were The 5 Best

Whether you're feeling SAD or just want to be a little more happy, we've got you covered!

Liz Moody
February 13 2019

Your New Favorite Lunch: Beet + Quinoa Salad

Earthy, sweet beets, sharp and creamy blue cheese, and bitter greens simply go together beautifully. Quinoa provides additional texture and...

Maria del Mar Sacasa
July 16 2015

The One Detox We Should Actually Be Doing Every Day

Reiki practitioner and healer Kelsey Patel explains.

Kelsey J. Patel
April 14 2017

A 3-Step Recipe Formula To Make Cooking A Vegetarian Meal A Breeze

Vegetarian and plant-based cooking can be intimidating to someone just starting out, but it doesn't need to be.

Susan Crowther
July 13 2015

5 Downward Dog Variations To Tone Your Whole Body

These variations can help you develop new skills, stretch new muscles, and find a different perspective on your practice.

K. Mae Copham
May 19 2016

This Trick Will Make Your Houseplants Multiply

Start an indoor jungle on the cheap this spring.

Sophia Kaplan
May 21 2018

Want To Chase Away Bad Vibes? This Is The Only Scent You Need

Given our renewed interest in ancient rituals and authentic ingredients, it’s not surprising that Palo Santo is making a comeback.

Heather Askinosie
May 6 2017

Never Buy Another Beauty Product: Use These 4 Foods Instead

It might make sound mad to raid your kitchen cupboards for beauty essentials, but trust me — once you start experimenting with these wonderful...

Ella Mills
November 5 2014

DIY: All-Natural Coconut Deodorant

For years, deodorant was something I applied every day without question because that’s what society has told us to do since our underarms started...

Brandy Oswald
March 5 2014
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5 Health-Backed Reasons You Shouldn't Feel Guilty About Eating Pasta

Sign us up for reasons to pile on the pasta! Meals starring spaghetti and its siblings provide a dose of fiber, lean plant-based protein, and vitamins...

April 13 2016

What I Eat In A Day: Annie Lawless, Suja Juice Co-Founder

I LOVE food, and I'm always on the move, so I don’t stress a ton about following any particular diet or restricted food list.

Annie Lawless
January 26 2016

3 Easy Dinner Recipes Using Chia Seeds

Here are three of our favorite dinner recipes using chia.

Janie Hoffman
November 3 2014

Yoga Poses You Can Do While Binge-Watching Netflix

Lazing on the couch shouldn't feel like work, but it also shouldn't leave your body feeling terrible.

Francesca Bove
May 12 2016

The One Ingredient You Need For Baby-Smooth Skin

AHAs are alpha-hydroxy acids, a class of chemical compounds that can be either naturally occurring or synthetic. Many are derived from organic sugars,...