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I Stopped Wearing Makeup & Here's What Happened

I'm not against women who feel it necessary to wear makeup every day. I get it; I used to be one of them. It's really hard to step out of the house...

Chau Le
December 18 2016

This Emotional Intelligence Test Might Soon Be Used During Hiring. Would You Pass?

Employers today care about EQ. Here's how they could measure it.

Georgina Berbari
November 20 2018

6 Green Beauty Recipes Straight From Your Kitchen

Our skin is our largest organ and absorbs everything we put on it directly into our bloodstreams.

Melissa Rousseau
May 29 2012

How I Used Meditation To Beat Addiction & Heal My Anxiety

"My constant state of worry was taking a massive a toll on my hormones, my immune system, and my overall well-being."

Desiree Pais
October 18 2016

A Holiday Kale Salad That's A Hit All Year Round!

What if a big, colorful bowl of salad took center stage this holiday season?

Michelle Alcon
December 1 2013

3 Bean Salad Packed With Protein & Fiber

If you're looking for a healthy, tasty, and convenient recipe for lunch or dinner, this Three Bean Salad hits everything on the checklist! It's packed...

Dawna Stone
December 1 2013

5 Tips To Relieve Digestive Distress

Have you ever experienced that uncomfortable feeling of bloating, heaviness, and other unfortunate side effects after eating too much or eating the...

Jen Broyles
December 31 2012

3 Ways Yoga Transformed Me (From The Inside Out)

"There’s a kind of peace and assurance that comes when, by gentle consistency, you accomplish what you were previously unable to achieve."

Brittany Jackson
September 6 2017

The Simple Shift That Will Make You Appreciate Every Day

If you want to transform your common days, try this simple shift, and appreciate a new sense of wonderment and excitement about life.

Patricia Thompson, PhD
January 7 2017

How To Be Single Without Being Lonely (According To A Relationship Therapist)

Have you ever thought that if you don’t find a partner with whom you deeply connect, you'll be lonely your whole life? You can still experience the...

Margaret Paul, Ph.D.
September 5 2017