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How To Detox For Your Body (According To Ancient Traditions)

Detoxing is an ancient process that dates back as far as written history.

Adriana Ayales
September 14 2016

This Is Why You Can't Find The Perfect Relationship

There's one big question you need to ask yourself.

Kate Eckman
January 25 2019

How Mindfulness Can Help You Respond — Not React — When Your Kids Drive You Nuts

"Children can't learn effectively—or at all—when what they're feeling is threatened by our anger, especially if it feels unpredictable."

KJ Dell'Antonia
September 21 2018

This Practice Will Help You Identify The Root Of Your Anxiety

This was the secret to healing one woman's anxiety for good.

Rebecca Mckown
April 4 2017

8 Yoga Mistakes That Are Holding Back Your Practice

For various reasons, I like to practice my yoga at home. While this gives me a lot of freedom to practice it the way I want to, it also means that I...

Charu Chandra
March 4 2014

Angel Cards Are The New Horoscope. Here's Your Reading For The Week Ahead

If you, like us, are all about getting a little mystical from time to time, we've got something to add to your high-vibe repertoire: Angel Cards.

David Piazza
February 20 2017

This Is Lucy Hale's Go-To Morning Routine (Yes, It Involves Meditation)

In this exclusive interview, she also opens up about turning 30 and dealing with anxiety.

Julia Guerra
August 1 2019

7 Tips To Make Your Home A Mini Mindfulness Retreat

A day of at-home mindfulness offers the opportunity to be with ourselves and our emotions, in a place that feels safe.

Louise Jensen
April 28 2015

It's Gemini Season: Here Are 6 Tips For Navigating It With Ease

Where can you speak your mind more from now till June 21?

The AstroTwins
May 24 2018

A Complete Guide To Meditation For Stellar Parenting

It's been eight years since I started this parenting adventure with no map and no previous experience. The practices I've learned along the way have...

Elena Brower
December 7 2014

The Stress-Busting Tool We All Have — But Forget to Use

Plus, how you can use it to navigate all the ups and downs of life.

Jamison Monroe
August 31 2016