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Fall Asleep In Minutes With This Bedtime Yoga Sequence

Feeling tense before bed? Roll out your yoga mat and feel your body instantly relax with this 4-minute yoga sequence.

Ellen Vora, M.D.
July 2 2016

10 Things You Need To Know Today (September 26)

The top wellness news for September 26, 2016, including Emma Watson's new video campaign, Obama's latest warning on climate change, and the results of...

Emma Loewe
September 26 2016

The Small Tweaks That Made This Olympian's Diet Gold-Medal Worthy

Take this Olympian's advice and start following your dreams!

Gretchen Bleiler
May 2 2018

Your 5-Day Yoga Nidra Rest 'Cleanse' Is Here

This five-day rest cleanse is an abbreviated version of (and hopefully an introduction to) a resting practice.

Karen Brody
October 31 2017

This Is The First Step Toward Successful Holistic Weight Loss

You know to eat, what you're supposed to eat to achieve your weight loss and wellness goals, but something trips you up. A voice, a thought, a fear...


The 7 Best Ways To Alkalize Your Body — And Why It's The Key To Immunity & Overall Health

A combination of lifestyle and diet that can make the biggest impact on our pH levels—here's why that matters.

July 12 2017

Hooray! Another Reason To Masturbate

Not masturbating often enough? Here's what you're missing out on. (It's good.)

Wendy Strgar
June 3 2017

7 Types Of Subtle Experiences That Can Develop Into Micro-Traumas

Not all trauma comes from big, huge events in our lives. Sometimes it's more subtle.

Julie Nguyen
March 26

This Sweet Potato Peanut Hummus Is The Perfect Blend Of Savory & Sweet

This sweet and spicy dip combines two hallmarks of Southern cuisine.

Sarah Owens
September 22 2019

14 Things I Learned From A Silent Meditation Retreat

Months ago, when I learned that my application to attend Vipassana, a silent, 10-day meditation retreat, had been accepted, I was certain I'd come...

Cat O'Connor
March 22 2013

How Spirituality Can Help You Beat Addiction, According To Science

Though they may seem at opposite ends of the spectrum, addiction and spirituality are indisputably intertwined.

Andrea Jones
August 3 2015