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A Study About Fishing Just Taught Us A Big Lesson About Routines

Routines are comforting. But they're not always what's good for you.

Kelly Gonsalves
July 29 2019

Get Ready For Fall With These 9 Nontoxic Polishes

The shades are surprisingly chill.

Alexandra Engler
September 16 2019

4-Minute Tabata For Strong, Toned Legs

This four-minute tabata of leg-burning, lung-expanding, calorie-destroying moves will get you a lot closer to your dream legs!

Erin Oprea
December 5 2015

Is Your Sleep Position Disrupting Your Sleep Quality?

How your sleep position affects the quality of your sleep.

Ko Im, M.S.
September 12 2019

Here's How To Make Your Jewelry As Powerful As Any Crystal

A hand-me-down ring, that necklace you got from your significant other, or even a simple piece of yarn worn around your wrist can be just as...

Danyelle Simone
March 3 2017

How This Founder Turned A Farmers Market Staple Into A Cult Brand

Here's what happened when Justin Gold of Justin's stopped by the mbg pod.

Olessa Pindak
July 23 2019

How To Heal Your Adrenals & Thyroid From An Eating Disorder

If you've ever had an eating disorder, you know they come with weird side effects.

Aviva Romm, M.D.
February 27 2017

4 Things To Do Before You Give Up On A Relationship

"When you're at an ebb and feeling miserable is not the time to make a decision. Although this probably goes against our instincts, there is a good...

Linda Carroll, M.S., LMFT
August 29 2016

These 6 Lessons Changed My Health Forever

They helped me boost my energy, reduce stress, and balance hormones.

Locke Hughes
January 18 2018

12 Women Changing The Face Of Natural Beauty

Remember their names—the latest crop of natural beauty queens are the most inspiring innovators yet.

July 6 2016

What Wellness Looks Like In Silicon Valley

Massages, acupuncture, and meditation? What else is there?

Elizabeth Inglese
December 1 2017