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How To Not Lose Your Mind Dating In The Instagram Age, A Dating Coach Explains

What's more difficult: asking someone out on a date or spending countless hours debunking their Instagram activity?


The Herbs & Supplements Most Women Need During Perimenopause

The herbs and supplements most women need during perimenopause, including vitamin D, rhodiola, and omega-3s. 

Dermalinfusion Facial Review— Here's What It's Really Like

Afterward, I got to see a vial of what actually came out of my pores.

Lindsay Kellner
November 26 2018

Is Pornography Healthy For Women?

Here's exactly how to get on the same page as your partner.

Melissa Ambrosini
November 29 2017

Want A Celeb-Like Glow? 3 Tips From The Original Natural Skin Care Experts

"I’m a woman in my 30s and I plan on aging gracefully."

Natalie Decleve
December 1 2019

The Best Oil For Your Hair Type, A Celebrity Stylist Explains

Knowing how to pick the right one makes all the difference.

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December 5 2017

Tend To Be Hard On Yourself? Here's A Medical Reason To Chill

This unhealthy thought pattern might be the root of your anxiety.

Georgina Berbari
April 26 2019

4 Fascinating Things We Learned About Adding CBD To Coffee

Read on for the how-to's and must-knows on coffee + CBD.

Krista Soriano
October 30 2019

It's Gemini Season: Here Are 6 Tips For Navigating It With Ease

Where can you speak your mind more from now till June 21?

The AstroTwins
May 24 2018