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Look Sculpted: The Simple Hack To Depuff Your Face In Less Than 5 Minutes

If you routinely wake up to thoughts such as, "Where did my jawline go?" and "I swore I had cheekbones last night!," you're not alone.

Let's Talk About Semen Retention, Tantra's Best-Kept Secret For Male Pleasure

Did you know people with penises can orgasm without ejaculation?

Suzannah Weiss
February 24

3 Actually Tangible Ways To Practice Mindfulness During Sex

Mindfulness doesn't have to be hard. In fact, it can be very sexy.

Andrea Glik, LMSW
September 8 2019

Does Castor Oil Really Improve Hair Growth? We Had To Investigate

Every so often, a beauty treatment or claim sets social media and the internet into a tizzy.

Dermatologists Share Tips On Preventing Razor Burn & How To Soothe Bumps

You go through all this effort to make sure your legs are smooth, soft, and ready to show off, and next thing you know, angry little red bumps start...

Alexandra Engler
April 28

The Weird Benefit Of Mouth Taping That You Should Know About

How mouth taping at night can increase nitric oxide production and improve overall health.

Mark Burhenne, DDS
March 6 2019