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5 Reasons To Start Putting Yourself First

Have you heard the saying, “You’ve got to fall in love with yourself first”? Well if you want a truly amazing and abundant life, I’m telling you, you...

Cassandra Bodzak
February 4 2014

My Journey to a 10 Day Vipassana Meditation

I kept coming across people who seemed to be floating after their Vipassana experiences

Molly Robertson
January 19 2012

10 Rules To Kickstart Healthy Habits

The question I'm asked most frequently as a health coach and yoga teacher is, “Can you give me some ideas and tips on how to be healthier?” You might...

Sasha Nelson
May 5 2013

5 Reasons To Turn Your Phone Off (Now!)

Sometimes you need to turn off Twitter, forget Facebook, ignore Instagram, and get on and live …

Nicola Jane Hobbs, MSc
February 1 2014

How A Natural Lyme Disease Treatment Changed My Medical Practice

None of my symptoms added up, and my medical colleagues were equally puzzled.

William Rawls, M.D.
April 29 2013

The People-Pleaser's Guide To Saying No

Tired of spending your precious Saturday afternoons at yet another toddler's birthday party? Can't understand how you got stuck organizing the company...

Jude Temple, R.N.
June 14 2015

How To Rebuild Your Sense Of Self-Worth After A Breakup

Don't let your past relationship quash your self-esteem.

Vishnu Subramaniam
June 13 2015

What Your Doctor Won't Tell You About Your Health

When my friend’s doctor handed her a prescription for antibiotics and told her she was "good to go," she wasn’t feeling so good—especially after her...

Mary Beauchamp
April 28 2013

Why There's No Such Thing As Closure

My friend Phyllis Pilgrim is a yoga and meditation teacher at Rancho La Puerta in Tecate, Mexico. Students from around the world, young and old, men...

3 Steps To Deal When Your Partner's Stressed Out

It's easy to love someone when they're feeling great and on top of the world, but how do you respond when life gets them down?

Sheryl Paul, M.A.
January 21 2014

What Are The Koshas And What Can They Do For You?

The koshas are energetic layers or sheaths that move from the outermost layer of skin to the deep spiritual core. The koshas provide a framework for...

Nicole Carlin, M.A.
April 23 2013

Big Wave Surfer Jamie Sterling Talks Yoga And His Wellness Regimen

Hawaiian North Shore Big Wave Surfer Jamie Sterling is no stranger to staring fear directly in the face;

Chris Roussy
March 20 2013

How To Nourish Your Post-Detox Body And Mind

Now that you've done your spring detoxification (or have you?) it’s time to nourish your body at the maximum level possible! You got rid of the old...

Beth Anderson
April 22 2013

15 Ways To Squeeze More Yoga Into Your Everyday Activities

There are so many opportunities in our everyday activities to add a little more yoga. Here are only fifteen of them. Use the comment box below to...

Jessica Pyper
April 12 2013

We Often Hear That We Should Love Ourselves But How Do We Do That?

It's a popular phrase in the self-help/psychology world: love yourself. It's much like Don't Worry, Be Happy, which is upbeat and peppy but leaves the...

Sheryl Paul, M.A.
January 5 2014