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Do You Have Chronic Inflammation & What Can You Do About It?

Seems like everyone's talking about inflammation these days! More and more studies are coming out linking chronic inflammation to a vast majority of...

Manisha Ghei, M.D., LAc
November 25 2013

12 Tips To Help You Prevent Breast Cancer

During 2013, a whopping 232,340 new cases of invasive breast cancer are expected to be diagnosed among women in the US; about 2,240 new cases are...

Manisha Ghei, M.D., LAc
October 1 2013

8 Tests For Heart Disease That Many Doctors Never Run

Most people have their blood pressure, heart rate, lipid profile, fasting blood sugar, and even vitamin D levels measured during their yearly...

Manisha Ghei, M.D., LAc
February 27 2014

‚Äč15 Simple Ways To Reduce Toxins In Your Life

Every day, we're exposed to toxins, from our food, water and air. Here are some simple strategies to reduce your toxic exposure.

Manisha Ghei, M.D., LAc
October 8 2013