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A Cardiologist Explains How To Eat To Prevent Heart Disease

Dr. Joel Kahn is a practicing cardiologist who's been inside 15,000 hearts over the course of his career. Based on his extensive experience dealing...

June 16 2014

These Are The Nighttime Rituals The mbg Staff Swears By

Check out these unique nighttime rituals from mbg's staff of yoga teachers, military members, outdoor adventurers and more.

January 5 2017

Why I Don't Mind Sucking At Ashtanga Yoga

Is trying new things exciting? Daunting? Exhilarating? Scary? All of these?

Lauren Rudick RYT-500
April 12 2013

Chakra Meditation: Balancing Your 7 Chakras

Here are a few balancing techniques that spiritual sages swear by.

Emma Loewe
January 16 2018

​5 Things Healthy People Do Before Starting Their Day

You can't control the weather, traffic, or your irate boss, but you can develop a morning ritual that keeps you resilient to whatever life throws your...

JJ Virgin, CNS, BCHN
December 29 2014

I Never Thought I'd Love Competitive Yoga

The first time I heard someone mention a “yoga competition,” I scoffed at the idea. 

Lauren May
February 7 2013

Am I Getting As Good Of A Workout From My At-Home Workout?

Why is it so hard for us to stick to a program and go to the gym with consistency?

Ray Bass, NASM-CPT
September 23 2014

5 Rules of Etiquette for Yoga Teachers

A few rules of respect for teachers (and students) we can apply and in return deserve to receive.

Lauren Eckstrom
August 28 2012

9 Women On What Happened When They Went Off Hormonal Birth Control

It's helpful to know what you might encounter when you say goodbye to the pill.

Anna Williams
August 11 2015

Yes, I'm Eating Meat To Cure My Chronic Illness

I had to ask myself, if it were my mother, father, daughter, son who was facing the obstacles I was, would I think less of them for trying something...

Lauren Burke
April 17 2013

3 Lessons of Summer Yoga

The sweat. The drip. The soak. The slip.

Lauren Imparato
August 2 2011

A Food Pioneer In Detroit: How Kitchens Can Revitalize Communities

Devita Davison is the passionate co-founder of FoodLab Detroit — a nonprofit that seeks to create a sustainable, healthy food economy in the city. She...

November 4 2015