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Men and Yoga: Styles & Classes for Dudes

Finding the right style of yoga is one of the keys to enjoying it.

Jason Wachob
October 14 2010

Tap Into The Manifestation Potential Of The Once-In-A-Lifetime Taurus Supermoon

"If you've got your sights set on a target, this might be the day you go after it full-throttle."

The AstroTwins
November 14 2016

Why A Cheese-Lover's Dairy Allergy Wasn't The Apocalypse

I loved cheese. Sometimes I couldn’t even believe how much I loved cheese. I ate it every day. Not every meal, but probably every day. And all kinds...

Michelle Dwyer
March 13 2013

Kick Off A Detox With Mind-Body Mondays

Are you feeling overwhelmed by the web of cleanse and detox information flooding your inboxes and minds daily?

Rhea Mehta, Ph.D.
March 11 2013

Your 2015 Astrological Forecast For Health, Happiness & Relationships

MindBodyGreen's resident astrologers The AstroTwins, give you the scoop for your sign's health and happiness in 2015.

The AstroTwins
January 1 2015

10 Reasons To Think Twice Before Going To The Doctor (Advice From An MD)

Here's the cold, hard truth about your doctor: he or she is not going to be your "personal health fairy," nor will he or she will guide you to your...

Amy Shah, M.D.
May 2 2014

5 Tips to Teach Children Mindfulness & Meditation

Help them relax, de-stress and learn how to connect to their own inner source of calm.

Lorraine Murray
July 17 2012

How I Healed My Back Without Surgery or Drugs

My back was so messed up I wasn’t even supposed to bend at the waist.

Doug Tedeschi
July 19 2012

35 Things To Do Instead Of Spending Money

For a long time, I was completely convinced that The Good Life looked like this:

Danielle Dowling, Psy.D.
April 27 2014

Why I Don't Drink Alcohol & How To Cut Back On Booze Without Being A Hermit

Reducing your alcohol consumption isn't easy when everyone around you at every social event is drinking.

Tom Cronin
March 2 2013

9 Life Lessons I Learned in My Twenties

As someone about to exit my glorious twenties, here are the top things I have learned, vow to continue to work on daily, and will carry with me into...

Brigitte Meinders
June 20 2012

Why You Should Embrace Your Inner Animal

No, this doesn’t mean to eat a watermelon with your fingers and roll naked in the mud (though I highly recommend both of those things!). Over the...

Kristen Hedges
July 14 2012

5 Pieces of Yogic Wisdom From My Grandma

A few gems that we could all benefit from and truths the world should certainly echo.

Dani Marie Robinson
June 19 2012

Men and Yoga: Obstacles to Hitting the Mat?

What's the biggest obstacle to getting a man to take his first class?

Jason Wachob
October 13 2010

Can Video Games Keep Your Mind In Shape?

Dr. Adam Gazzaley, a doctor and cognitive neuroscientist at University of California, San Fransisco, has spent years researching how playing video...

November 4 2015

My Eat Pray Love Detox

Become the best version of you through a little sacred self-healing.

Claire Charters
June 16 2012

6 Reasons Getting Married In Your 20s Is Awesome

The average American is now getting married at 29 — a historic high, up from 23 for women and 26 for men in 1990. I got married at 26, and my husband...

Syeda Nazmi
April 15 2014