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8 Ways To Turn Any Workout Into A Meditative Experience

We are at our best when our minds and bodies are synchronized. Our bodies are already living in the present moment, but as soon as we can use...

Jennifer Wang
June 4 2016

A Superfood to Be Thankful for: Goldenberries

Pair your goldenberries with squash for the perfect holiday side.

Julie Morris
November 9 2011

Why Western Medicine Gets Autoimmune Diseases All Wrong

Functional medicine physician Dr. Amy Myers speaks at MindBodyGreen's wellness summit about how Western medicine has taught us to treat symptoms...

September 28 2014

I Left A Marriage After 18 Years. Here's What I Learned

I've come to understand that I was causing my own suffering with expectations of what I thought my life should be.

Debbie Hampton
November 3 2014

5 Tips To Enjoy A Restful & Nourishing Holiday Season

For some people, the holidays can be a joyous time filled with parties, magical lights, and gifts. But for many others, especially if you're highly...

Sheryl Paul, M.A.
December 25 2013

Cleaning Up My Diet Saved My Life

Rather than enjoying the youth and virility of my 20s, some of the 'best years of my life,' I suffered from a decade of chronic illness. It started...

Amie Valpone
November 25 2014

25 Habits Of People Who Are Happy, Healthy & Successful

Who among us doesn't want to be a happy, healthy and successful human being? Still, it can be easy to lose your way, which is why I've compiled a list...

Kristy Rao
June 19 2013

How Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro Helped Me Take Control Of My Panic Attacks

"It is possible to push yourself more than you ever thought you could and come out on the other side still breathing, still feeling, still smiling."

Katina Mountanos
October 3 2017

How To Do Pigeon Pose The Right Way

Pigeon is a yoga pose we all love to hate

Hope Zvara
January 9 2013

3 Buddhist Beliefs That Will Rock Your World (And Make You Much Happier!)

You don't have to practice yoga or follow an Ayurvedic diet to benefit from Buddhist ideas.

Megan Bruneau, M.A.
October 30 2014

The 4-Hour Orgasm

When you expand the flow of sexual energy you expand the experience of orgasm.

Kim Anami
March 16 2012

7 Factors That Can Lead To Leaky Gut + What To Do About Each

Leaky gut syndrome can cause inflammation cascades throughout the body.

How This Juice Goddess Gets Her Glow (And Helps Others Feel Amazing, Too)

"I create my own reality. When I don’t like my reality, I can change it."

Colleen Wachob
May 26 2016

How Sephora Became The Unlikely Leader Of Clean Beauty

The story of how a little green seal started something big.

Alexandra Engler
October 16 2019

5 Steps to Help Yoga Teachers Earn a Living

Some factors that you might consider when setting your professional rate.

Karen Fabian
August 3 2012