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Why You Should Listen To Music When You Exercise: A Cardiologist Explains

Ever since I was a child, I've found that a wide spectrum of musical styles speak to my soul. (I have even co-produced a Broadway musical as an...

Joel Kahn, M.D.
September 24 2013

How To Avoid Stress-Eating Over The Holidays

Mindfulness can be a powerful appetite tamer.

Carley Smith, CNP
December 13 2016

Simple Ayurvedic Tips For Your Best Skin Ever

Three areas of life where listening to your dosha and taking action to correct any imbalances is crucial to the quality of your skin

Shrankhla Holecek, MBA
March 25 2015

5 Rainbow Color Tricks To Jumpstart Creativity

Color is more than just artistic — color is energy and energy is life force! When we talk about color influencing and generating life, it's important...

Dana Claudat
February 22 2013

Breathe Your Way To Your Best Workout Yet

So wait, do I inhale through my nose and exhale with my mouth? What’s wrong with mouth breathing in my workouts? I’m so confused!

Ed Harrold
April 16 2014

7 Simple Steps To Make Mondays A Little Better

You know how it feels: that Sunday night pit-of-your-stomach dread. You know what you're in for on Monday morning, so you set three alarms (so you’ll...

Danielle Dowling, Psy.D.
April 14 2014

The 7 Most Overlooked Ways To Be A Happy Person

March 20 is International Happiness Day. And with happiness advice shared across all media, I thought it would be good to focus on the most...

Shannon Kaiser
March 20 2015

Sting at 60: Reflects on Yoga & Relationships

Can you believe that rock-star and yogi, Sting, is 60?! He talks about his

October 2 2011

10 Simple Things Healthy People Do Every Day

This year, I made a goal this year to prioritize my health. For me, this meant eating smarter, taking longer walks with my dog, getting back into...

Shannon Kaiser
March 17 2015

How To Read Your Tongue For 3 Key Signs Of Health

Checking up on your health doesn't have to be expensive and time-consuming. Of course, getting a full medical workup with lab tests and imaging is...

Melanie St. Ours
March 16 2015

How To Live Your Best Life In Every Phase Of Your Menstrual Cycle

Here's a pragmatic map to your best skills within each phase of your menstrual cycle.

Jodie Milton
December 1 2016

7 Rituals To Shatter Your Limitations + Manifest Happiness Under Tonight's Sagittarius New Moon

Here are seven ways to break free from your limitations and hit the happiness mark under the lunar spell of the Sagittarius new moon.

The AstroTwins
November 29 2016

How a Yogi Occupies

Balancing the collective "Body" through protests.

Hala Khouri
October 31 2011

Michael Franti on Yoga, Creativity, Touring Green

Michael Franti, the front man for the band Michael Franti & Spearhead, is obviously a rock star -- but he's also a guy who practices meditation and...

Jason Wachob
August 11 2010

8 Tips For An Easy & Affordable Spring Detox

It’s official. Spring has sprung and we're all finally coming out of hiding. During the colder months, we tend to just curl up on the couch to avoid...

Amy Jarosky
April 7 2014