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MBG + SmartyPants Event Photos: A Discussion On Simplifying Health

On Thursday, MindBodyGreen was proud to host a multitude of wellness warriors at its new Brooklyn, New York headquarters! Guests sipped juice, chatted...

April 29 2014

I Turned My Back On My Dream Career & I've Never Been Happier. Here's Why

At the end of the day, the most important thing you can do is listen to yourself.

Jamie Graber
February 2 2018

The Complete Guide To Online Meditation Resources

Whether you've been meditating for a decade or you aren't even sure what it means, the resources on this list will give you the info and tools you...

Ashley Graber
July 25 2017

Jamie Zimmerman, Wellness Leader, Passes Away At 31

I received the tragic news of Jamie Zimmerman’s death two days ago. She passed away Monday after a terrible accident in Hawaii, and was just 31.

David Porzio
October 16 2015

Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution Hits Los Angeles

Jamie Oliver has moved out to LA with his family to film the second season of Food Revolution, and today he's opening a new community kitchen called...

January 12 2011

Jamie Oliver On The Best + Worst School Lunches, Parenting & More

English super-chef Jamie Oliver is on a mission to get kids to eat better, both at school and in the home. Through his change.org petition, Jamie is...

April 18 2015

This Woman Hopes To Become The First Female Double Amputee To Run A Marathon

At today's Chicago Marathon, Jami Marseilles will attempt to become the first female bilateral amputee to run a marathon. That's right, the...

Allie White
October 11 2015

All The Face Rollers You Need To Know About (And Exactly What They Do)

What if you're a microneedle girl living in a jade roller world?

Lindsay Kellner
November 29 2018

My Yoga Practice Playlist: Jamie Kent

Living in a constant state of rhythms and flows, it's no wonder yogis have such amazing taste in music. The iPod changed how we listen, but for me it...

Jamie Kent
June 17 2011

Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution Trailer (Video)

Jamie Oliver on the least healthy city in America

March 8 2010

LA Schools Ban Corn Dogs, Add More Vegetarian Options

Chalk one up on the scoreboard for Jamie Oliver. It appears that the LA school board's move to drop flavored milk in April is just the beginning of a...

June 16 2011

Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution Season 2 Sneak Peak

Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution Season 2 Sneak Peek

March 29 2011

Jamie Oliver Wants Your Input

Jamie Oliver has a question for all of us: How can we raise kids' awareness of the benefits of fresh food so they can make better choices?

August 4 2010

Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution Truck

A year after winning the 2010 TED Prize, Jamie Oliver has unveiled his Food Revolution Truck. Oliver's "mobile kitchen classroom" was designed...

March 3 2011