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The 5 Qualities Of People Who Live Up To Their Potential

It's never too late to start your practice of learning to bounce back from hardship.

Is WW The New Wellness Company?

Weight Watchers is now WW. Here's how they're embracing wellness and thinking about more than just weight loss.

Stephanie Eckelkamp
December 18 2018

10 New Year's Intentions For Yoga Teaching

I'd never be so presumptuous to suggest intentions for the New Year for anyone but myself. But as I share my thoughts through articles, sometimes...

Karen Fabian
January 2 2014

I Went On A Radical "Eat Sugar" Diet. Here's What Happened

Just 12 days into this, I put on five pounds. But the real alarm sounded when I showed signs of fatty liver disease after just 18 days.

Damon Gameau
August 4 2015

How To Harness The Ancient Power Of Gemstones For Your Best Skin Ever

“Shine bright like a diamond” may seem like catchy lyric, but wouldn’t you want to shine like a gemstone if you knew you could?

Sara Clement
August 4 2015

The Most Common Reason Relationships Fall Apart + 4 Ways To Revive Yours

The cause of almost all relationship difficulties is rooted in conflicting or ambiguous expectations and perceptions about roles and goals. When...

David Zulberg
May 30 2017

Vegan & Vegetarian Soup Recipes for Spring & Summer

It's time to share my next round of seasonal vegetarian and vegan soup recipes.

Julie Wilcox, M.S.
May 21 2012

Before & After: Plant-Based Diet Success Stories

Sometimes the best way to become convinced of a lifestyle's efficacy is to see real-life examples of it.

Joel Kahn, M.D.
February 26 2015

Aches & Pains After Eating? 5 Signs It May Be An Undiagnosed Food Allergy

Patients who come to see me with chronic symptoms often have many potential overlapping medical issues.

Richard Horowitz, M.D.
February 18 2014

10 Things I Did To Lose More Than 150 Pounds

No matter how old you are or what your ability is, you have the power to turn your life around just like I did.

Farheen Khan
August 1 2015

7 Steps To Eat Way Less Sugar (For Good!)

Unless you’ve been living on Mars, you've probably noticed that the anti-sugar movement is in full force.

Laura Thomas
July 31 2015

5 Easy and Delicious Vegan Dinner Recipes

It's almost 5pm. You’re finishing up your workday and know it’s time to start thinking about dinner for your family.

Hayley Hobson
October 23 2012

How One Artist Opened My Eyes To The Beauty Of Imperfection

"Normality is a paved road: It’s comfortable to walk, but no flowers grow on it." —Vincent van Gogh

Amaya Pryce
May 20 2017

Anti-Inflammatory Turmeric Sun Dressing (Gluten-Free Recipe)

Turmeric is getting some well-deserved attention these days. I love it for all its amazing anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, and detoxifying...

Melissa Rousseau
May 15 2013

A Guide To Decoding The Labels On "Natural" Skin Care Products

I would love to imagine that the ingredients in all of my products come from wild botanicals grown in the Swiss Alps rather from a lab in an...

Sophie Uliano
February 19 2015