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5 Essential Oils For Love & Sensuality

The fragrance of an essential oil can directly affect your emotional state.

Ashley Turner, M.A.
February 14 2013

Highly Sensitive? Here's How To Shine In Any Social Situation (Without Booze)

"At the end of the day, as an introverted HSP, I was completely wiped out from being around people. It wasn't uncommon for me to have a drink when I...

Caitlin Padgett
August 22 2016

The Anti-Candida Grocery Shopping List

The ultimate shopping list to banish candida and cravings for good.

Kimberly Snyder
November 7 2016

Yes, The Pill Can Mess With Your Mood. Here's Exactly What To Do About It

Whether you're on the pill or not, you never need to settle for depression.

Jolene Brighten, N.D.
February 16 2018

How To Pep Up Dull Winter Skin: A Celebrity Makeup Artist Explains

If your skin is feeling dull, this super simple tutorial is for you.

Katey Denno
February 19 2018

5 Easy Weekday Lunches That Don't Need To Be Refrigerated

Make it way easier to pack your own healthy meal!

Liz Moody
July 21 2019

Sensitive To Lectins? Here's How You Can Still Eat This Lentil Soup

With the right preparation lentils can be a nutritious addition, even to a lectin-free diet!

Claudia Curici
February 26

5 Tips To Help You Beat The Flu

I’m trying to recoup from bronchitis that recently knocked me off my feet. The fever and body aches are gone, but a deep hacking cough, which leaves...

Tina Discepola, M.D.
February 10 2014

Need Some Low-Carb Comfort Food? Try This Keto Chicken & Waffles Recipe

You might think it's too much of a treat to be healthy. But it is!

Naomi Whittel
February 24

Tired All The Time? These Are The Best Supplements To Boost Energy

The best supplements for enhancing energy and combating fatigue, including NR, NAC, and CoQ10. 

B.J. Hardick, D.C.
January 16 2019

This Irresistible, Nutrient-Loaded Açaí Bowl Is Here To Win Breakfast (And Beyond)

What do you get when you cross a creamy coconut chia bowl with a tart açaí berry smoothie? The best of both worlds.

Krista Soriano
February 21