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How to Ace Your Yoga Teaching Audition

With a little forethought, you can be prepared and at the same time, stay open to being present.

Karen Fabian
October 19 2012

5 Herbs to Heal a Broken Heart

When you experience a loss, physical pain in the chest can follow.

Amy Jirsa
October 18 2012

How a Stressed-Out Yogi Learned to Slow Down

I kept telling myself it was necessary to ignore my health for the lifestyle I was going to have “some day.”

Rachel Zinman
October 11 2012

10 Simple Ways to Detox Every Day

While some people recommend extended or regular long-term cleanses, it’s just as easy to perform some simple, daily actions that encourage our body to...

Tom White
October 11 2012

How To Eat Like a Buddhist In 10 Easy Steps (And Why You Should)

10 lessons on healthy eating we could all stand to learn from Buddhist monks.

Kerry Monaghan Bajaj, M.A.
October 10 2012

​What I Wish Everyone Knew About Endometriosis

It can take years and multiple failed treatments before a woman finally receives the care she needs to relieve her pain.

Libby Hopton, M.A.
October 16 2013

When Science Gets Dismissed As "Alternative"

Rather than simply prescribing drugs, as doctors our presence can be a force for healing.

Lissa Rankin, M.D.
September 27 2013

27 Awesome Inversions From Rockstar Yogis

Here at MBG we love yoga and we love going upside down! We know how difficult it can be to invert, and how great it can feel when you finally get the...

March 14 2013

4 Things I Learned from a 2-Year-Old

I am writing this high above the clouds. I am sitting in a small plane with nothing much to do except reflect on the place I am leaving. That place is...

Jennifer Pastiloff
September 19 2012