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Here's How Long It Actually Takes To Heal Your Gut

Plus, what the autoimmune-inflammation spectrum has to do with it.

Is Seeing A Holistic Doctor Really Worth The Money? Real People Weigh In

Real people weigh in on whether seeing a holistic doctor is worth the money.

Gretchen Lidicker, M.S.
January 27 2019

Why The Ketogenic Diet Is Great For Hormone Balance

The high-fat, low-carb ketogenic diet helps support hormone balance, whatever your age.

Anna Cabeca, D.O.
February 26 2019

Why Getting Upside Down Is The Best Thing You Can Do For Your Body

Besides being fun and challenging, this practice packs some serious benefits.

Tatiana Sokolova
April 9 2019

17 Things I Do Every Day To Totally Eliminate Stress

Rules to stay happy, healthy, balanced, and stress-free.

Mariana Stabile
October 29 2015