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The Life Advice I Wish I'd Heard In My Twenties

The advice I told those twentysomethings was the advice I wish someone had told me — the one thing I wish I'd known in college.

Josh Barad
January 9 2016

I Spent 6 Years In Poverty-Stricken Zambia: Here's Why It's The Best (And Worst) Thing That Ever Happened To Me

"She arrived in Zambia a newlywed and left six years later a mother of two children. After all those years, she is mostly sand and grit."

Jill Kandel
April 26 2017

The Best Post-Yoga Recovery Tips For Both Your Mind & Body

Here are a few techniques to help recover from any yoga practice for mind, body, and spirit.

Danielle Cuccio
February 26 2018

10 Things To Remember If You Want To Make Lasting, Positive Change

We put an enormous amount of pressure on ourselves to be different, new, fresh – a changed person full of health, happiness and inner peace. But when...

Shannon Kaiser
January 28 2015

8 Morning Rituals To Have A Great Day, Every Day

Having a go-to morning routine will transform you into an action-orientated individual who is driven, dedicated, passionate, and energized for the...

Dan Harrison
October 7 2015

5 Pieces Of Health Advice You Should Never Follow

We all want to be healthier these days, which is awesome — but when everyone and their Aunt Doris has an opinion on how exactly to do that, things can...

Meghan Telpner
September 26 2014

10 Life Lessons I Learned From Running

Recently, I ran a race and I was hoping to finish in a specific time. I trained pretty hard and I was confident it was going to happen. Before the...

Suzanne Kvilhaug
June 30 2014

Hate Your Period? 5 Natural Ways To Balance Hormones + Curb PMS

Help balance your hormones naturally and get back to a pleasant monthly cycle.

Mandy King, CNP
September 3 2015

Why I Recommend Yoga If You're Having Trouble Getting Pregnant: A Fertility Doctor Explains

In one study, a yoga program significantly lowered anxiety rates by 20 percent in fertility patients.

8 Ways To Promote Hormone Balance

There are some simple ways to help reduce estrogen dominance:

Margaret Wertheim, R.D.
March 19 2013

How To Do A Smoky Eye With Natural Makeup

Yes, you can. Hats off to Jessa Blades.

Lindsay Kellner
February 25 2019

Why Your 'Healthy' Eating Habits Are Making You Bloated

Bloating is common, but it's totally preventable! Discover the three most common causes of bloating and how to sidestep each one—so that after eating,...

November 20 2016

Well Read: 5 Books You Won't Be Able To Put Down This October

The best fiction and memoir picks publishing this month.

Liz Moody
October 3 2019

7 Tips For A Stress-Free Holiday

Hard to believe it's already December, this year has flown by. Have you written your cards? Wrapped your gifts? If the thought of the impending...

Louise Jensen
December 5 2013