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10 Tips To Get Rid Of Toxins & Get Your Body Ready For Summer

Spring is traditionally the time of new beginnings. People like to use this time to clean their homes and personal spaces in order to make space for...

Jovanka Ciares
May 3 2013

Why Meditating At Work Will Make You Better At Your Job

Taking a meditation break every day can do wonders for your brain and work ethic.

Dr. Julia Samton
March 23 2016

7 Tips For Loving & Honoring Your Body (Yes, Even The "Flaws")

It's become part of what it means to be human: point out something about yourself you don’t like, a perceived flaw that needs to be fixed.

Kate Eckman
July 15 2015

7 Ways To Be Infectiously Full Of Joy!

I've made some pretty big changes in my life recently and, as a result, I like myself a heck of a lot more. I don't take things so seriously all the...

Mark Boustead
May 19 2014

How To Bask In Tonight's Live-Out-Loud New Moon In Leo

While there will be a time for practicality, these passionate moonbeams are not it!

The AstroTwins
July 31 2019

10 Simple Ways to Detox Every Day

While some people recommend extended or regular long-term cleanses, it’s just as easy to perform some simple, daily actions that encourage our body to...

Tom White
October 11 2012

9 Small Ways I Keep My Wife Happy, Every Day

I'm not perfect, but I strive daily to make conscious decisions that foster a happy home.

Jake Widmer
February 6 2016

8 Benefits of Sleeping with a Water Pillow

For those who don't want to commit to whole bed.

Heather Morton
September 11 2012

Get To Know The 4 Phases Of Your Menstrual Cycle

Tap into the different physical and emotional strengths that the phases in your cycle can bring about in you.

Nicole Jardim
November 13 2014