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The Three 10-Minute Dinners A Nutritionist Makes On Repeat

Packed with protein and vegetables, you'll want to add these to your regular rotation.

Jessica Sepel
September 18 2018

Simple Cleaning Routine Changes With Planet-Loving Ripple Effects

3 simple home-cleaning alternatives with our planet in mind.

Krista Soriano
September 9 2019

10 Quick & Easy Dinner Recipes For One

So many of my nutrition coaching clients struggle with dinner inspiration. Today I'm sharing some of my favorite dinner recipes to, I hope, provide...

Emily Holmes
November 20 2015
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I’m a Vegetarian Who Does HIIT Workouts Every Day. This Is What I Eat

All plants? No problem! Here's what this vegan athlete eats to stay strong

How To Fix A Broken Nail (Without Clipping It Off!): 3 Tips, From Experts

Yes, you can salvage a break and keep on track with your nail goals.

Jamie Schneider
August 16

5 Reasons Putting Yourself First Is The Opposite Of Selfish

There is a huge myth in our culture that it's time to shake up — the idea that putting yourself first is selfish.

Tracy Thomas, PhD
March 17 2015

Why You Should Be Eating Cocoa For Breakfast

These chocolate overnight oats are what living your best life looks like.

Ashley Madden
February 6 2017
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This Is The Perfect Summer Dip For All Your Favorite Seasonal Veg

We’re Dunking EVERYTHING Into This Tangy Green Dip

August 6 2019

15 Universal Truths About Love

I’ve done numerous interviews and talks about what makes for a successful relationship. I’ve been a marriage counselor for 35 years, and have also...

5 Simple Rules I Used To Lose 75 Pounds In Less Than A Year

At first I was scared, claustrophobic, and overwhelmed. But I quickly turned those negative feelings into motivation.

Jay Scott
November 20 2015
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The Wellness Practices That Helped Me Lose Over 100 Pounds—And Keep Them Off

The best advice for losing weight and keeping it off, including journaling every day, tracking what you eat, and healing from emotional traumas.

Mordechai Wiener
April 7 2019