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Why I Threw Out The Idea Of Raising Girls Who Are Always Polite

I think the number was seven. I believe that was the total count of different ballet classes I had dragged my girls to try before they even turned 4...

Wendy Bruno
November 10 2015

Tantric Principles For Intensely Intimate Sex

We often judge our bodies, our ability to please our partner, or what our "O face" looks like. When trying something new, those judgments and fears...

Psalm Isadora
April 9 2016

How To Create Real Freedom In Your Life

In April of 2012, my father died unexpectedly at the age of 54. Upon hearing the news, I felt almost numb. He and my mother had divorced when I was...

Kimanzi Constable
November 25 2014

5 Reasons Your Injury Isn't Healing + How To Get Better, Stat

Be patient: It may take as long to fix an injury as it took to create it.

What Is A Volcanic Sand Bath & Should You Get One?

An ode to the most eccentric spa treatment I've ever had.

Ray Bass, NASM-CPT
July 5 2019

Is Your Mouth Microbiome More Important Than Your Gut?

"When you treat your mouth, your treat your body."

Steven Lin, DDS
September 14 2017

6 (Truly Fun) Ways To Tap Into The Energy Of The Aquarius New Moon

No person is an island, and the Aquarius new moon reminds us of our need to share energy.

The AstroTwins
January 23

7 Choices You'll Never Regret Making

The decisions we make today create the memories we look back on in the future.

Jimmy Burgess
December 19 2015

What I Wish I'd Learned About Forgiveness (Before It Was Too Late)

One of the hardest, and most important, lessons I've learned in my life is forgiveness, and I learned it after it was too late.

Kimanzi Constable
April 8 2015

5 Myths About Period Sex (Finally!) Explained

In short, period sex could be super helpful. Here's why.

Ashley Spivak
September 12 2017

Here's Exactly How To Know If You Need A Rest Day

Because it's not always that obvious.

Javier Perez
September 12 2017

8 Ways To Harness The Powerful Connectivity Of The Gemini New Moon

The search is on for kindred spirits and synergistic partnerships.

The AstroTwins
June 4 2016