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The Science Of Why You Are (Or Aren't) Attracted To Men With Beards

The study found that, overall, the female participants found men with beards more attractive.

Eliza Sullivan
4 days ago

Why We Fall For Psychopaths Like Joe Goldberg On Netflix's "You"

No spoilers hereā€”just a look at the psychology behind "You."

Sarah Regan
January 11

A Quarter Of Children With Autism Are Undiagnosed, Study Says

Published in Autism Research, the report also sought to identify factors that affect this lack of diagnosis.

Eliza Sullivan
January 10

From Calm To Tense, Here Are The Top 13 Emotions Music Makes Us Feel

We all know music can be emotional, but a recent study at U.C.-Berkeley has identified the key emotions associated with listening to music.

Christina Coughlin
January 7

I'm A Therapist & Here Are 6 Things People Get Wrong About Boundaries

It's not just about the things you don't want but also about what you do want.

A Psychiatrist Shares How She Helps Her Patients Find Their Soul Mate

Opening up and recognizing yourself are important steps if you're trying to find your match.

Eliza Sullivan
December 24 2019