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What Does It Mean To Be Polysexual? (Hint: It Has Nothing To Do With Polyamory)

Are you attracted to lots of genders, but not *all* of them? You might be polysexual.

Kesiena Boom, M.S.
January 18

Everything You've Ever Wanted To Know About Swinging, In Case You're Curious

Swinging can be a fun way for couples to bond over sharing thrilling sexual adventures.

Kesiena Boom, M.S.
January 15

From Graysexual To Heteroflexible, Here's A Big Glossary Of Sexual Identities

There are more terms than ever to help you more accurately describe who you're into.

Stephanie Barnes
January 13

10 Signs You're With The Right Person At The Wrong Time

When you're faced with the possibility of love, you want to believe that you will surrender completely to the experience—but sometimes life happens.

Julie Nguyen
January 11

This Is What Couples Who Never Lose The "Spark" Have In Common

A couples' therapist explains what actually keeps relationships alive long term.

Not Everyone Wants To Be In A Relationship: Are You Aromantic?

Some people just don't want to be in a relationship, ever.

Stephanie Barnes
January 7

These Personality Types Have Over 70% Chance Of Romantic Compatibility

Know your Myers-Briggs type? Some traits have implications for compatibility.

Sarah Regan
January 6

How To Turn Someone On: An Extremely Hot, Detailed Guide

The ultimate guide to turning someone on—mind, body, and soul.

Julie Nguyen
January 5

We Heard A Lot Of Relationship Advice This Year — These 9 Tips Stuck With Us

The year 2021 was another case of unpredictability, trials, and tribulations.

Sarah Regan
December 29 2021

This Is What Actually Causes Possessiveness In Relationships

There is one major cause of the insecurity that causes possessiveness.

Margaret Paul, Ph.D.
December 28 2021

The Best Sex Advice We Heard In 2021, From Neuroscientists, Sexologists & More

"Sex is like going to the playground. It's the outing that counts, not whether you go down the slide."

Kelly Gonsalves
December 27 2021

Do You Have Family Issues? Experts Say To Look Out For These Signs

No family is perfect, but for people whose family life has never been outright "bad," it can be tricky to spot family issues as they arise.

Sarah Regan
December 26 2021

Why This Couples' Therapist Doesn't Believe The Myth That "People Can't Change"

A better question is: Under what conditions do people change?

Kathryn Ford, M.D.
December 25 2021

Not Into P-in-V Sex? This Type Of Sex Might Be For You

Outercourse is any non-penetrative sexual act, and it's fun.

Kesiena Boom, M.S.
December 21 2021