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7 Things You Can Do In The Dark During Tonight's "Earth Hour"

Every year, Earth Hour gives us the collective opportunity to save electricity—and focus on the planet.

Sarah Regan
March 27

How We Need To Design Our World For Climate Change, From An Urban Planner

Good design is the difference between turning on the tap and seeing water rush out, or hearing a dry gurgle.

This Popular "Natural" Fabric Can Harm The Environment: How To Buy Better

Chances are, at least one item in your athleisure drawer is made from viscose.

Emma Loewe
March 24

Why This Marine Scientist Wants Us To See The Ocean As Human

"For countless people around the world, the ocean is a source of life, security, and health."

I'm A Climate Scientist Who Hasn't Lost Hope: Here's Why

"I am convinced that now is the most interesting time to be alive."


This May Be A Go-To Sustainable Food (And Fuel) Source In The Future

Its multifunctionality across industries is a key part of its potential.

Eliza Sullivan
March 9

Why A Major Designer Sent *Gasp* Secondhand Pieces Down The NYFW Runway

Three of the models in Christian Siriano's show were donning items from his previous collections.

Emma Loewe
February 25

Ice Cream Pints Don't Belong In The Recycling Bin — Until Now

A small gelato company just became the first to release 100% recyclable pints.

Emma Loewe
February 24