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This Simple Trick Might Just Make Your Affirmations More Powerful

Repeating affirmations can be a helpful and powerful tool.

Sarah Regan
December 24 2020

Meet Your "Shadow Self": What It Is, When It Forms & How To Work With It

A licensed therapist and neuroscientist offer tips on finding and facing your shadows.

Sarah Regan
December 22 2020

What Your Handwriting Says About Your Personality, From A Graphologist

Slanty? Straight? Here's what it means according to graphology.

Sarah Regan
December 18 2020

A Psychologist On 3 Things Emotionally Resilient People Have In Common

With any hardship comes our ability (or lack thereof) to bounce back.

Sarah Regan
December 17 2020

How I Changed My Definition Of "Resilience" & Broke Up With Burnout Culture

By reframing my definition of "resilience," I've been able to more fully show up for myself.

Rachel Rhee
December 14 2020

8 Guided Journals & Planners For The New Year (Because We're Over 2020)

Self-reflection, gratitude, or goal setting in 2021: There's something for everyone.

Sarah Regan
December 4 2020

Why We Revert To Our Old Patterns While Home For The Holidays + How To Avoid It

Why does being around the family make us regress to our teenage selves?

Abby Moore
November 23 2020

7 Ways To Stop People-Pleasing Over The Holidays, From A Therapist

If you're a "yes" person—even when you want to say no—the holidays can be more exhausting than normal.